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How do I delete my Facebook Messenger account?

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Image 1: How do I delete my Facebook Messenger account?

Facebook Messenger allows you to add up to five accounts in its mobile application and to switch between them. If you ever want to delete your account from a device, there is a fairly simple manipulation depending on the latter. But keep in mind that at least one account must be active in the application and that it is not possible to delete them all.

The procedure is quite simple, and depends on the device you are using.

On iOS: From the Facebook Messenger home screen, click on your profile photo to access your settings. Scroll down to find the “Change Account” option and click on it. Identify the account you want to delete, and keeping your finger on it, swipe it to the left. You should see a “Delete” option, choose it and validate. It is done !

On Android: From the application’s home screen, touch your profile photo at the top right to arrive at your settings. Scroll down to the “Change Account” option and choose it. Find the account you want to delete and click on the context menu icon (three small dots one above the other). Look for the “Delete Account” option, select it and confirm.

You can delete all the accounts associated with your Messenger application, but it will be necessary to keep at least one active in the application. And to top it off, Facebook does not allow you to disconnect it. It will then suffice to delete the application with the data which accompanies it to obtain the expected effect.

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