Honor will soon launch 5G smartphones equipped with a Qualcomm SoC

Honor is set to release 5G smartphones powered by Snapdragon chips. Independent of Huawei, the Chinese firm would have managed to enter into a supply agreement with the founder Qualcomm.

huawei redemption honor

Deprived of an Android license and Google applications following US sanctions, Huawei preferred to sell its subsidiary Honor to a Chinese consortium made up of forty companies. “Huawei will not own any shares or participate in any business management or decision-making activities in the new company Honor ” Huawei said during the announcement. In addition to generating 12.8 billion euros in profits, the maneuver allows Honor toescape the restrictions imposed by Washington.

Freed from Huawei, Honor is therefore able to collaborate with American firms. Quickly, Qualcomm approached the Chinese firm to offer it Snapdragon chips for its future smartphones. Separated from his former mother, Honor can no longer rely on Huawei-designed Kirin SoCs, whose production is also at a standstill. Deprived of TSMC, the Chinese group is no longer able to develop new processors for its terminals.

Honor and Qualcomm reached an agreement

According to information relayed by China Securities News, a Chinese media close to the Communist Party, Honor would have reached an agreement with Qualcomm. Citing sources from the supply chain, the media said that the former subsidiary should quickly launch 5G compatible smartphones powered by Snapdragon chips on the market. For now, we still do not know which SoC it is. Qualcomm has indeed a wide range of 5G SoCs, including the powerful Snapdragon 888. Mid-range oriented, Honor should rather focus on components like the Snapdragon 765G for example.

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The deal between Qualcomm and Honor does not concern the brand’s next flagship, the Honor V40 (View 40 in Europe). Expected on January 18, 2021, the smartphone will be powered by a Mediatek SoC. Either way, Honor has a few surprises in store for us in the coming months. We await your opinion in the comments below.

Source: China Securities News