Honor View 40: the former Huawei subsidiary should preinstall the Play Store

The Honor View 40, the next smartphone from the Chinese brand, would be equipped with the Play Store and all Google services. Freed from Huawei, Honor would finally have managed to recover his Android license. The firm would also develop a new catalog of Android smartphones that integrate Google Mobile Services.

honor view 40 play store

Deprived of an Android license and Google services since May 2019, Huawei finally decided to sell the Honor subsidiary. In November, the Chinese group sold the brand of mid-range smartphones to a consortium of 40 companies based in China. This maneuver allows Honor toescape the sanctions decreed by Donald Trump.

Independent from Huawei, Honor is preparing for its comeback in the mobile market. According to the latest news, Honor is also preparing to launch 5G smartphones powered by a Qualcomm SoC. Honor would have reached a commercial agreement with the American founder. The name of the chipset has not yet been leaked.

Honor would have recovered its Android license

According to information shared by the Kommersant, a Russian newspaper, Honor would have managed to recover its Android license a few weeks ago. The brand would like to launch as soon as possible a new range of Android smartphones with the Play Store. According to Lenta, another media outlet, the next Honor smartphone to take advantage of Google services would be the View 40. First expected in December, the smartphone would integrate all the applications of the Google suite, including the famous Play Store, Calendar, Gmail or even YouTube.

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Since its acquisition in November, Honor would therefore have managed to negotiate the return of your Android license with Google. Under these conditions, the brand would have decided to urgently integrate Google solutions into the interface of its new terminal. Honor therefore preferred to postpone the launch of the View 40 in order to give its developers additional time. Finally, Honor will present the flagship from January 22, 2021. For now, we do not know when the smartphone will arrive on the market in Franc. Likewise, it is not known whether the Honor terminals released during the embargo will be able to recover Google Mobile Services.

Source: Kommersant and Lenta