Honor: Qualcomm offers former Huawei subsidiary its Snapdragon chips

Qualcomm and Honor are discussing the supply of Snapdragon chips for smartphones from the former Huawei subsidiary. Persistent rumors already evoke a smartphone launched with the latest Snapdragon 888.


You know, Honor is in the process of parting ways with Huawei, its parent company. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is the real crucifixion that Huawei has been subjected to for several years. The US Trump administration has made Huawei a scapegoat in the trade war it has decided to wage against China.

As a result, Huawei was placed on a list of Entities with which U.S. companies are no longer permitted to do business. Unless the US Department of Commerce has licensed them. Thus, quickly, Huawei lost its Android license which allowed it to preinstall Google applications on its smartphones – including the Play Store.

Honor and Qualcomm would be very close to an agreement

This forced the firm to quickly find alternatives, without however really convincing in Western markets. Then the sanctions were tightened, to the point that the US administration got founders working with Huawei to stop supplying the manufacturer with high-performance Kirin chips. To ward off this bad luck, Honor therefore sets out and has since sought to diversify.

Honor’s mission is to rebuild Huawei’s fallen empire in smartphones.. It is therefore in this context that we observe all the noise in the corridors around Honor under a magnifying glass. It has been rumored for a few weeks that Qualcomm could supply Honor with chips. There is even talk of a smartphone running Snapdragon 888.

However, according to a source close to Qualcomm, Honor and the founder are indeed in the process of negotiate the supply of the smartphone maker Snapdragon chips. Honor would be quite optimistic about a favorable outcome and the two sides would be very close to an agreement. Nevertheless the outputs that arrive immediately like the V40 should have a MediaTek chip on board.

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In order to confirm Honor’s renewed ambitions, its CEO Zhao Ming has explicitly confirmed that the brand aims for first place in the Chinese market. Honor is expected, like what Huawei has done in recent years, to diversify and launch products in many segments.

Source: GSMArena