HomePod vs. Google Home Max: the video duel

HomePod vs. Google Home Max: the video duel

homepod apple iconThe technological duels are enchanted for the Apple HomePod. After his fight against the Sonos One last week, place at Google Home Max.

If Apple's smart speaker has been mocking its beginnings, precisely because of the depleted version of Siri, but Apple does not fare so bad. After competing with Sonos, the HomePod is the same face Google AppleInsider.

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the HomePod faces the Google Home Max in video

According to this publication, the HomePod and Google Home Max are quite close in terms of performance. Regarding audio, the HomePod seems more faithful reality, but it lacks a bit of dcibel compared to its rival Mountain View.

There are, however, several other criteria to consider before making your choice.

First, if you do not have an iPhone, it's not even worth thinking about the apple speaker. Besides, it's also true if you have a subscription for Apple Music. In this case, the Google Home Max will be well fucked.

Note, for now, Google Home Max is still not available in France so the choice is quickly made.