HomePod validated by the FCC, imminent commercialization

HomePod validated by the FCC, imminent commercialization

FCC Validated HomePod, Imminent Commercialization – Soft iPhone

homepod apple iconWe are there, the HomePod will finally be marketed with about two months late. Announced last September at the keynote of the iPhone X, the HomePod was to be launched in some English-speaking countries in December. Since then, its release has only ceased to be regretted, without explanation.

While Chinese production lines have just completed a first batch of one million units, HomePod receives FCC (Federal Communications Commission) certification, which is required for any product transmitting information to the US.

When will the HomePod come out?

Knowing this, we can easily guess that Tim Cook will give the go-ahead for the shelves of the smart speaker in a month. Both for clients and shareholders who saw the difference in time between Re Tim Cook and Re Steve Jobs.

To wait, re-read our presentation of HomePod will be sold $ 349, certainly 399.

homepod fcc validation

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