HomePod: Apple announces a release in Japan this summer

HomePod: third-party apps will be able to be ordered by Siri

homepod apple iconFinally new on the Apple HomePod speaker. With the release of the first official firmware dedicated to HomePod, we discover that the latter will be able to control third-party apps, at least some of them.

While we know that we can ask the HomePod status of traffic, the weather of the day, news or music, the firmware iOS 11.2 beta 1 tells us that third-party apps can use SiriKit if they are in the following categories: lists, notes and instant messengers. It's quite small compared to Siri on iPhone but it's just the beginning. To see in the future if we can order an Uber for example.

The developer Guilherme Rambo who had dissected the leak of the first firmware, gives heart-joy again and lists some interesting information. Among them, there is the ability to update all its HomePod at once from the home app of the iPhone, the ability to choose as a wake-up sound Apple Music or some sounds and animations.

homepod high pregnant apple

The voice commands of the HomePod

  • "Hey Siri, what can you do?"
  • "turn on the lights"
  • "play some music"
  • "tell me the news"
  • "what's the forecast?"

The sound of the first start of the HomePod

"Hi, it's Siri, it's great to get out of this box. "

The animation of the HomePod