HomePod: Sales up slightly

HomePod: The majority of Americans do not know that there is

homepod apple iconThe HomePod is not a product known as the iPhone, the Mac or even the iPad. Take the test!
Ask a member of your family or a friend if he knows the HomePod, the answer is likely to be "no what is the HomePod?".

Only 30% of Americans know that Apple markets a connected speaker

The recent study of the company Clutch is further proof that the HomePod is not known in the United States. Which could explain sales and market share almost catastrophic.

Lack of media? Not enough marketing around the speaker connects Apple? Hard to say.

Clutch has probe 581 people, there have been 267 people who answered "Yes" the question: "Do you have a voice assistant at your home?", 267 that's a lot for a total of 581. It must be said that the connected speakers are much more common in American homes than French homes.The speakers connected speakers are 69% use it daily.

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And the HomePod in everything?

So far the study is good child. This is precisely where things get complicated for the notoriety of HomePod.
Then comes the question "Do you know the HomePod?Only. 30% of the 581 people responded to know this speaker connected. A staggering figure, especially when we look at the answers for Apple's competitors. The cho of Amazon is known 85% and the Google Home of Google is known 71%.

So of course your reaction reading this article will be "you are very nice at iPhoneSoft, but do you realize that 581 people do not represent all Americans?". If you ask yourself this question, it's all legitimate and we agree with you. However, when these statements are matched with the market shares of the speakers connected to the United States, reflects exactly what the study says. Maybe a concidence …

Apple needs to make known his HomePod! The California firm has an incredible delay in HomePod sales around the world. Often criticized for the poor quality of the answers of Siri compared to Google Assistant or Alexa of Amazon, the HomePod still likes for its audio quality which is one of the best on a speaker in the price bracket of 300.

Recently, HomePod resellers have multiplied the promotions to empty some stocks. Today, it's easy to find a 280-310 HomePod when the official price is 329.