Apple Announces Arrival of HomePod in Japan on August 23

HomePod: sales will increase with the market explosion

homepod apple iconReleased in 2018, we do not know what to think of the speaker connects Apple: if some believe that sales are not at the rendezvous, others linger say that the start is encouraging.

According to IDC, the connected home market is in great shape and is not ready to end with a forecast increase of 27% in 2019 …

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IDC does not worry about HomePod

832.7 million connects will be sold in 2019, just at … And who dominates the market? The speakers, of course …

144.3 million units are expected to reach homes during the year, but what about the HomePod in any? Still according to IDC, Google and Amazon will continue to dominate the market, while Apple's product will also benefit the health of the speakers from consumers.

HomeKit should be the big point of attraction, as well as the opening of Apple Music that would push consumers to join iOS, and therefore buy the HomePod. Last but not least, manufacturers of accessories that should also offer more HomeKit compatible products.