HomePod: patent shows sound adaptation for multiple users

HomePod: patent shows sound adaptation for multiple users

HomePod: a patent shows a sound adaptation for multiple users – iPhone Soft

homepod apple iconThe HomePod starts slowly, but surely find its audience, even though these direct competitors still far ahead. For the second version of the connected speaker, it is hoped that Apple will be strong and propose new features (and a price more?) That will tip the balance in the right direction.

In the meantime, a new patent has just been created, and would allow a nice feature for homes: by setting up the latter, the future HomePod would be able to divide the sound into several sound streams depending on the number of people and their position.

homepod patent1

The HomePod will soon be able to track multiple users?

Apple would therefore be working on monitoring users to offer them a sound experience according to their positioning. The user comes out of the room? The sound flow would automatically cut off, privileging the remaining people.

In the second patent, Apple details volume management according to the distance of the user, stooping small if it came closer to the speaker. homepod patent2

Source 1 / Source 2

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