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HomePod: despite rising sales, Apple can not reach the top 3

HomePod 1 1000x667 HomePod: Despite rising sales, Apple cannot reach the top 3

HomePod sales increased in the last quarter of 2019; Strategy Analytics indicates that 2.6 million copies were sold in Q4 2019 (4.7% market share), compared to 1.6 million units sold in Q4 2018 (4.1 % market share). But it is little, even very little, if we compare these figures with those of the competition; in the connected speaker market, Apple is the sixth seller.

Sales Connected Speakers Q4 2019 Strategy Analytics HomePod: Despite rising sales, Apple can not reach the top 3

First, we find Amazon with 15.8 million Echo speakers delivered during Q4 2019, an increase of 16% over one year, for a market share of 28.3%. Comes next Google with 13.9 million Google Home, we see a 20% jump and a 24.9% market share. In third position, we see Baidu with 5.9 million connected speakers sold, we notice an increase of 171% and a market share of 10.6%.

In fourth place is Ali Baba who delivered 5.5 million connected speakers, up 94%; the group has a market share of 9.8%. In sixth grade, we find Xiaomi with 4.7 million units sold, an increase of 167% and a market share of 8.4%.

In total, 146.9 million connected speakers were sold during 2019, an increase of 70% compared to 2018. For the last quarter of 2019, the firm indicates that 55.7 million units have passed, an increase of 44.7%. The cabinet Strategy Analytics specifies that sales during the holidays have mainly increased in the United States and Europe.

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