Apple would have started working on the HomePod ... in 2012

HomePod beat for audio by Google Home and Sono One?

homepod apple iconThe first testimonials from clients who received their HomePod are overwhelmingly positive. Always a good sign for a company.

But, do not confuse these first impressions with a real comparative push. According to the Consumers Survey, the HomePod would not be any better than Google's Home Max or Sonos One.

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HomePod worse than Google Home Max or Sonos One?

According to this survey published by a reputable association, following tests conducted in the laboratory, "overall, the sound of the HomePod was a bit distorted compared to that of Sono One and the Google Home Max".

If the level of listening is very satisfactory overall, the bass would be a little too present and saturated (a bit like in the Beats helmets it seems), nuances on the song and the guitar would be lost while the high-pitched sounds would be partially masked.

If we appreciate the work of Consumers Review, we would like to have a little more accurate figures to compare the differences.