HomePod: Apple announces a release in Japan this summer

HomePod: Apple's connected speaker for home (official)

homepod apple iconthere is, the speaker connects Apple is not: HomePod. After many rumors in recent months, Apple has taken advantage of the keynote of WWDC 2017 to reveal its HomePod.

Available in black or white, the HomePod looks like a mini speaker EU Boom for example. But its positioning is more upscale with the target Sonos or Bose. The first returns are also excellent subject.

EDIT : HomePod is available in France.

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The features of HomePod

HomePod is supposed to reinvent music like the iPod in 2001.

Apple's speaker is not just a speaker, she has a brain. Here it is a chip A8 which represents the gray matter (the biggest for a speaker according to Phil Schiller) so that the sound is simply genial.

HomePod includes 7 tweeters on the bottom of the device, a subwoofer on the top and broadcasts 360. In addition, HomePod is able to assess the space around to broadcast the sound optimally.

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The assistant is

Of course, it's also an assistant like Amazon's Echo or Google's Home. Six microphones cost you and fulfill your orders. Siri has improved his abilities and can answer any question around the music. Artist, album, etc.

Siri is also in the world with the sending of messages, calls, mto, timer, sports results, HomeKit, etc. If the speaker plays music and you talk to her, she will know the difference.

Naturally, Apple has paid attention to privacy by anonymizing all requests. To know how the HomePod works, it's here.

Price and date

HomePod will be sold in December in the US, UK and Australia to start $ 349. It remains to be seen when he will arrive in Europe and especially in France.

EDIT: It will be released on February 9, 2018 and requires iOS 11.2.5 minimum.

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