HomePod: Apple announces a release in Japan this summer

HomePod: an iOS device without a screen for developers

HomePod: an iOS device without a screen for developers – iPhone Soft

homepod apple iconThe HomePod speaker will be delivered to the US in December, and in the meantime, here is some information. In addition to his qualities that have already impressed the critics, Steven Troughton-Smith has attacked the firmware AudioAccessory1,1, that of HomePod.

If nothing special emerges, Steven confirms that it is an iOS kernel used for the HomePod that does not use a screen to display its information. Indeed, here the color diodes and the voice are responsible for transcribing the data.

While the LEDs display Siri status or sound volume, voice with VoiceOver will transcribe complex data such as traffic, weather, notifications, …

We simply learn that the HomePod button will be used to cancel a request to Siri or turn off the alarm. Classic in sum.

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