HomePod: Apple wins another prize for its ad

HomePod 2: soon able to speak only in the presence of the iPhone

homepod apple iconApple has ideas for improving HomePod family use. Its speaker can currently inform you about a lot of data about you like your calendar or your messages but does not know if it is you who ask or another person.

To secure all this, the band Tim has just filed a patent allowing the smart speaker to check the presence of the iPhone of the person concerned before answering.

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The iPhone as a security key on the HomePod 2?

Because the HomePod is designed for community use, Siri works slightly differently, with the number of requests available so small that another person could potentially request sensitive requests.

Apple already offers personal requests as an option to allow or prevent access to iCloud connected applications such as Messages, Calendar and Reminders, which can be used to limit access to a user account via a HomePod. . However, no one else can access it and you have to activate the famous option.

To go further, the target person would then receive a message on his iPhone, a kind of strong authentication two factors. Siri could then respond to requests without problem, with confidence.

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In order to prevent such a system from being used by all potential users, it is suggested that a "trust relationship" be established between the two devices before any request containing personal data. In concrete terms, this would mean that a visitor's iPhone could receive requests from a HomePod inside the house, but that a visitor's iPhone would not be reliable and that its data would remain inaccessible until creating a relationship.

Apple's patent application also details how to connect peripherals without Wi-Fi, via the cellular network, or the use of encryption to further protect the data.

In short, Apple is working on the replacement of HomePod.