Apple publishes a video tutorial for its HomePod

HomePod 2 at 150 dollars already confirmed?

homepod apple iconA month ago, an unknown but not so astonishing rumor had appeared thanks to a certain Jun Zhang of Rosenblatt Securities.

According to this analyst, who is not very reputed for the moment, the apple brand would have planned to present a second generation of HomePod, at a reduced price. Today, it is the best known media Daily Economic News which corroborates this information.

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a homepod 2 from 150 dollars?

According to this media, this new version of the Apple connected speaker would be sold between 150 and 200 dollars, almost half less than the current price. Obviously, at this price, the HomePod's audio capabilities should suffer.

But in this article of the day, there is not the slightest information to indicate that the performance or the parts of the device would be limited for this second generation.

On the other hand, we remember that the first version of this rumor announced that the HomePod 2 could be smaller than the current version.