Hitman 3 looks better on Xbox Series X than on PS5

Hitman 3 offers much better graphics on Xbox Series X than on PS5. A video from Digital Foundry compared the game on the two consoles and, without the PS5 version leaving anything to be desired, Microsoft’s latest addition confirms its superiority in performance. The difference is particularly visible in the quality of shadows and textures.

Hitman 3
Credit: IO Interactive

We have not finished comparing the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. Since their release, the two consoles have fueled the debate, failing to find themselves in the hands of players because of a shortage that is not ready to end. stop. Of course, the word that comes out in every discussion is “performance“. While consoles cannot yet boast of being equivalent to their PC counterparts, the arrival of a new generation generally marks a technological leape compared to the previous one.

At least, that’s the goal. While some voices are raised to denounce a minor difference in performance between generations, especially given the impact of consoles on the environment, a new video from Digital Foundry bluntly considers that the PS5 does not do much better than the PS4 Pro. In any case, this is their observation after a comparison with its rival on Hitman 3, the latest game from IO Interactive. For them, Xbox Series wins the fight hands down.

Better graphics on Xbox Series X for Hitman 3

It is nevertheless important to bring a little nuance: Digital Foundry admits that Hitman 3 runs perfectly on each of the consoles. However, a performance gap is clearly visible in certain aspects of the game. The shadows, in particular, are much less detailed on PS5 than on Xbox Series X. The same goes for textures, but also frame rate. Indeed, the Sony console records some drops to 50, or even 40 FPS, while its competitor manages to maintain stable 60 FPS.

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While the PS5 has won the console war on the numbers side, has it lost the performance war? Not necessarily. This is only a test on a game. The quality of the optimization can indeed vary from game to game, as the Cyberpunk 2077 disaster also showed on PS4, a game that runs relatively well on the new generation. It is therefore still a little early to designate a big winner between the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. Only the future, and the next games, will tell us if there is really a significant gap between them.