iPhone 6S

His iPhone 6S falls from a plane, films the fall and survives almost intact!

Documentary scientist Ernesto Galiotto was flying over the Brazilian coast near Cabo Frio when suddenly his iPhone 6S slipped out of his hands. He was able to find it almost intact the next day on the beach in Cabo Frio thanks to Find my iPhone. The aircraft filmed the entire incident and did not turn off when on the ground.

iPhone 6S
The iPhone 6S when it was discovered on the beach at Cabo Frio / Credits: Ernesto Galiotto

Falling face down from a table can be fatal for your smartphone, so imagine what happens when a smartphone falls from a private plane several hundred meters above sea level ! Yet this is what happened to the librarian Ernesto Galiotto. This conservationist was scouting over Praia do Peró, Cabo Frio, in the lakes region near Rio de Janeiro. Cabo Frio beach is one of the cleanest in the country. It benefits from a “blue flag” or Bandeira Azul, which symbolizes its exceptional environmental status.

This kind of label is renewed each year after the passage of experts. A public flag raising ceremony then takes place. However, Covid obliges, this year the ceremony was adapted – and only took place in a small committee. Ernesto Galiotto, who has been traveling the region for 26 years, still wanted immortalize this moment on board a private plane. But at the last moment, the authorities completely canceled the ceremony. Ernesto Gallioto then decided to fly over the place anyway, while taking some pictures with his smartphone, an iPhone 6S.

He finds his iPhone 6S 300m lower, almost intact, on the beach

He says, a bit joking: “I originally planned a flight with two planes. But when I heard that the flag-raising would not take place, I finally canceled one of the planes and took the remaining aircraft. While the flag did not rise, my phone fell ”. We can indeed see images of Ernesto Gallioto and the pilot in the cabin. The director is filming the surroundings when he decides to only hold the smartphone with one hand.

Suddenly the wind decides to do the rest and takes the camera which was filming. The director plague, but the pilot retorts in Portuguese “One more… it happens”. Ernesto Gallioto remembers: “In 15 seconds the aircraft hit the ground. It was about 200 yards from the water, and a couple yards from a couple on the beach […] it fell flat on the screen and continued filming for an hour and a half. I believe the sun recharged it because when we came to collect it [le lendemain] at 8:50 the battery was still at 16% ”.

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Ernesto was able to find the exact location of the smartphone using the Find my iPhone function. “It was intact, worked perfectly, with only part of the protective film on the screen that had cracked”, explains Ernesto. You can see the video of the fall in the tweet below. Several better quality videos are nevertheless available on the G1 site as the source of this article.

Source: G1