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Hill Climb Racing

Touted as an addictive and fun game, Hill Climb Racing fulfills its mission with a multitude of playable vehicles and sets. But we must put this success into perspective: the graphics are not very neat. Pity.

Hill Climb Racing is a game of skill in which we play Newton Bill, a young pilot. Developed by Fingersoft studios and available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms; the goal is to go as far as possible by collecting parts (which will allow the purchase of vehicles, improvements and new stages – sets -). Vehicles of different types are therefore playable such as: a jeep, a motocross, a tourist coach, a dragster or even a tank. These anchored in the decorations of: Desert, Arctic, Moon, Mars or even Rainbow of the game.

To add difficulty to the game, the vehicle has a fuel gauge which gradually decreases; we must therefore retrieve a specific attribute, scattered along the route, before there are none. Also to gain a maximum of points and to make a better score, the player is invited to make acrobatics … But attention: the neck of our character is fragile and the slightest sudden movement is fatal to him. It will therefore be a question of adjusting its acceleration and braking.

The gameplay is done by pressing the “Brake” and “Gas” buttons on each side of the screen.

Another strong point, Hill Climb Racing is “designed for correct display on low and high resolution devices (including tablets)”; which explains the great fluidity of the game during our test on Samsung S4 and will allow less endowed devices, a correct game.

In faults, we regret the fact of not being able to choose the color of his vehicle or the image of his character. And, the decorations are also sometimes repetitive. Aside from the color, some decorations are widely reused. Pity.