Hill Climb Racing: tips and tricks to win more chips

Hill Climb Racing: tips and tricks to win more chips

Hill Climb Racing is without a doubt an addictive game, but quickly nervy when you can not get enough chips to go to higher levels or improve our vehicle. Here are all our tips and tricks to get better Hill Climb Racing scores!

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<h2>Manage acceleration</h2>
<p style=We are not Mario Kart: you do not have to constantly accelerate on Hill Climb Racing. There are two techniques for speeding up without overturning the vehicle, both work well depending on how you play.

  • You can accelerate by strokes, so you always master your speed.
  • You can also press the accelerator for longer for a stronger and longer acceleration.

Do not worry, the vehicle on Hill Climb Racing does not work like a real car: you will not lose more fuel by accelerating, only time counts for your gas gauge.

Pass the bridges

If there is anything to remember in Hill Climb Racing is that speed is not always the right solution. every bridge, it is important to slow down the advance to pass without returning the vehicle. If you brake too suddenly or too late, it will not help and will increase your chances of breaking the driver's blow.

hillclimbracing 2

Manage the two-wheelers

Once you understand the trick, it is very easy to fall back on your feet when the vehicle tilts forwards or backwards (and which, if you do not control it, systematically drops the car). When you fall forward, ie when the vehicle only stands on its front wheels, accelerate. Conversely, if you lean on the rear wheels, brake. Mrs goes up, it works very well.

Earn more chips

Some tips will help you optimize the number of chips earned at the end of the game. First of all, As soon as your vehicle is off the field, you earn points ("Air Time"). The longer you stay in the air, the more points you earn. If you return your vehicle and then return in the right direction or break the driver's turn by turning, you will also earn extra chips.

For those whose phone is root, a user has put a video online to have an infinite number of chips. Follow the guide :

Watch the video

Improve your vehicle

You can buy upgrades for your vehicle. Test the terrain first as well as the vehicle to know on which shift to focus. Here's what the improvements bring:

  • If you improve the engine, you will have more power especially in the coast and in the flights.
  • The suspensions make it possible to minimize the shocks, important especially in high speed.
  • The tires can have a better grip on the ground, and thus better braking or better acceleration.
  • Improving the traction system will allow you to improve the performance of your vehicle in general.

Unblock the Moon

You'll see it pretty quickly: the money is the gateway for the whole Hill Climb Racing game. The big question so much: how to do? The Moon level allows you to spend a lot of time in the air, since in weightlessness, and therefore to earn money. One advice, therefore: unlock the moon level as soon as possible, knowing that you do not need to unlock levels one by oneyou can buy the moon directly when you have the money available.

hillclimbracing 1

Choose your vehicle

As the game progresses, you will be able to discover new vehicles and have another experience on land that you know well. The further you go in the game, the more important it is to choose the right vehicle. Here are my tips for choosing, but these are certainly not universal: the bike on the moon, the tractor for the fort and the glove truck for the pitches with big holes.

Do you have other tips and tricks for Hill Climb Racing?

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