High iPhone prices: Apple’s number two is “very aware of this”

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Posted: February 25, 2019
Updated: February 25, 2019

by Steve

The price of iPhone, iPad and others Mac very often constitute a barrier to purchase for many consumers. Some prefer to turn to more affordable alternatives, such as phones Android or computers Windows. In short, not everyone can afford Apple devices, despite their proven excellence. And Apple does not seem oblivious to this problem that is impacting global iPhone sales today.

Editing iPhone tickets - High price of iPhone: Apple's number two is

Jeff Williams, chief operating officer of the Apple brand and number two at Apple, just behind Tim Cook, said he heard this problem and was looking to fix it somehow other. ” This is something we are very aware of “, He affirmed in front of American students of the Elon university, in the United States. ” We don’t want to be an elite business. This is not the case – we want to be an egalitarian enterprise, and we have a lot of work going on in developing countries

And to add to those who think that Apple is making a huge margin: ” The articles that come out on the cost of our products have been the bane of my existence since the beginning of time, including our early days. Analysts don’t really understand the cost of what we do and the care we take in making our products ” Tim Cook has recently announced plans to review international prices for Cupertino appliances. To see if these statements are only communication or the expression of sincere wills.