Hidden Google games to play when you’re bored

Despite wanting to take the Internet and possibly the world, Google has a sense of humor. Google Doodles and Pac Man are just two examples. There is also a third, a series of hidden Google games.

These games come and go and at the time of writing (December 2017) all of the games listed here are online and playable. That might change over the next few months and years, but they’re definitely good to go now. I won’t include the Doodles or Pac Man as they are fun.

Hidden Google games to play when you’re bored


All of these Google games except one are readable in the browser and therefore do not require installation, additional software, or loading times. They work in most browsers and on most devices.


Atari Breakout is a blast from the past. This is a reproduction of an original Atari game from the 1980s that makes you bounce a ball from a sliding bat at the bottom of the screen. The idea is to keep the ball in play and remove all the boxes on the screen by hitting the ball against them. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Just play to see how evil this game can be!

Type ‘Atari Breakout‘in Google Image Search to play.


Zerg Rush is a nod to the original Starcraft which used emergency tactics in an attempt to win the game. Erase the “Bones” that fall as they descend the screen before they erase your search results. This is another simple premise that becomes quite the addicting game you play.

Type ‘Zerg Rush‘in Google Search to play.


T-rex game is another google game to play when you are bored that you can only access when you have no internet connection. Referring to being in the age of dinosaurs for not having internet, the game is a simple side scrolling game where you have to jump over the cactus obstacles. Use the space bar to jump, that’s about it.

Click the space bar if you see the t-rex in Chrome without an internet connection.


Pac Man has to be one of the most famous arcade games of all time. Played by billions of people since the 1980s, the game is still as fun as it was back then. Use the arrow keys to direct Pac Man around the maze to avoid the ghosts and get these fruits. The game window is a bit small but plays just as well no matter what device you are using.

Type ‘Pac Man’ in Google Search and select ‘Click to Play ‘.


Google Earth Flight Simulator is an exception in this list because it requires you to download Google Earth. It’s a little more involved than the other games, but it’s also more rewarding. Watch it here. Once downloaded, you go to Tools and enter Flight Simulator. You then get a first person view of the world as you hover over it. Although more resource intensive than these other games, it looks a lot better.

Download Google Earth and navigate to Google Earth Flight Simulator from there.


While not exactly a game, Google Sky is a great way to waste some time while you’re bored. Like Google Earth Flight Simulator, Google Sky lets you explore in a way that you can’t really do just this time in space. The minisite contains a huge amount of resources, including images from Hubble, images from NASA, information on celestial objects, planets, and just about anything you could want to know about our solar system.

Go to Google Sky here to start exploring.


Smarty Pins is another addicting game which educates as well as entertains. The game tests your geographic knowledge by asking you questions with geographic answers. Much like Trivial Pursuit where all the answers can be provided by placing a pin on the map. A typical question might be, “Which city has a leaning tower?” You need to plan the map pin in the correct city, Pisa in Italy in this case. A simple but very effective game!

Access Smarty Pins directly from this link


Another oldie but goodie, Solitaire. The classic card game for one may have been gone from Windows for a while, but has always been accessible in Google. The classic card game, also known as Patience, has a very simple premise but can be very, very addicting. This version is free to play for as long as you want.

Type ‘Solitaire’ in Google search and select Click to Play.


Google Guitar is another google game to play when you’re bored but this time it has a musical touch. The browser window has a guitar front and center that you can scratch with the mouse or play with the keys. Place the cursor in the search box, then press a key corresponding to a note like those listed below. You can make your own too if you are musically inclined.

Access Google Guitar from here.

There are other games like Snake and Six Degrees by Kevin Bacon but I don’t think they’re that good. More games are likely to come in the future, and outdated games will appear and disappear at regular intervals. Overall, there is a lot more to Google than search if you know where to look.

Do you know of any other hidden Google games to play when you are bored? Tell us about them below if you do!