Here’s what to do if your PUBG emulator isn’t working

Sometimes users face a lot of trouble when playing PUBG on Tencent Gaming Buddy while the emulator is stuck at 98%, users face major lags and freezes etc. So, we have shared some best methods to fix PUBG emulator issues.

Well if we look around we will find that right now PUBG Mobile is killing the entire gaming section on the Google Play Store. Well, PUBG Mobile is a huge hit and is now being played by millions of gamers. The popularity of PUBG Mobile is due to the fact that the game features stunning graphics and addicting gameplay.

Here’s what to do if your PUBG emulator isn’t working

# 1 turn off power saving mode

If you are trying to run PUBG Mobile on laptop through Tencent Gaming Buddy, this is the first thing for everyone. For those who don’t know, the Windows 10 operating system offers an enhanced power saving mode. This feature limits CPU and disk usage, which improves battery performance. However, the same slows down the computer and can affect gaming performance. So go to Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Power Option. Under the power option, select “Balanced” or “High performance” to get maximum gaming performance.

# 2 Disable security tools

Some users reported that their antivirus tool identified Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator as malware. Actually, it’s not really malware, but because it contains external links, antiviruses recognize it as malware. Sometimes antivirus tools prevent Tencent Gaming Buddy from performing at its best. So, it is recommended that you disable all security tools to resolve Tencent Gaming Buddy issues. Because antivirus tools run in the background and scan for malicious files, gaming performance can be affected. So, be sure to turn off security tools before playing any game.

# 3 select integrated graphics

If you are using Tencent Gaming Buddy to emulate PUBG Mobile on Windows 10 computer, you need to select Integrated Graphics option. Users have to go to Nvidia Control Panel> Manage 3D Settings> Program Settings. Now, under Select a Program, select “Tencent Gaming Buddy” and then select “Integrated Graphics” as your preferred graphics processor. It probably won’t fix PUBG Mobile loading on TGB errors on Windows 10 computer.

# 4 change the render option

Sometimes Tencent Gaming Buddy fails to load PUBG Mobile due to incompatible game engine settings. Tencent Gaming Buddy offers users 4 different rendering options, such as OpenGL, DirectX, etc. So you need to try a different rendering option to fix Tencent Gaming Buddy errors. To do this, open Tencent Gaming Buddy then go to Settings> Engine. Now select from the four alternative OpenGL and DirectX options. You have to try each alternative option and relaunch the game to check if the error is fixed or not.

# 5 Choose another emulator

If you want to play PUBG Mobile on a computer, you will probably need an emulator. The good thing is that Tencent Gaming Buddy isn’t the only PUBG Mobile emulator available on the web. You can also choose Nox Player, Memu, BlueStacks, etc. to play PUBG Mobile on your computer. The good thing is that these emulators support PC Gamepads and come with a ton of features.

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So these are the five best methods to fix Tencent Gaming Buddy not working on your computer. If you know of any other tips to fix PUBG emulator not working errors, let us know in the comment box below.