Here's the proof that Android Marshmallow runs very well on old smartphones

Here's the proof that Android Marshmallow runs very well on old smartphones

Despite the insistence of Google and manufacturers to remind us that old phones do not have enough RAM for new versions of Android, developers and modders communities are constantly proving the opposite. We have seen many old phones turn Lollipop around properly, and tips are now available to install Marshmallow on a number of them! Discover here the proof that our old smartphones still have good days in front of them.

If a week may seem like a long time in politics, then six years is a ternit in terms of smartphones. However, it seems that the phones from the ancient period of 2009/2010, equipped with Android Gingerbread, are still able to run the latest version of Android.

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Do not believe what you are told about old phones good nothing. AndroidPIT

2009 phones can work under Marshmallow

The HTC HD2 (dating back six years ago) has just received the Marshmallow update thanks to an XDA developer named macs18max. The HTC HD2 has a single-core 1GHz clock processor (Snapdragon S1), 512MB of RAM and a definition of 480 x 800 pixels for a 4.3-inch screen.

With such features, one would think that the HTC HD2 is just good as a paperweight; yet the modder community is still coming to its ends. Marshmallow has just arrived on the mobile via a port of CM13.

If you have one of these old phones in the bottom of a drawer, do not hesitate to throw a discussion about it, in order to flash the latest version of Android on this old blunderbuss.

And yes, you can launch Marshmallow on a HTC HD2 dating back to 2009. HTC

Phones from 2010 can also work under Marshmallow

Nexus S, second in the lineup, was also awarded a Marshmallow ROM by a talented developer named Dmitry Grinberg. Considering that the latest official update of the Nexus S was Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, it was clearly a technical challenge.

This proves, once again, that even prehistoric smartphones can still run the latest versions of Android. With all the optimizations of memory and drums that we drink, only independent developers are still ready to put their hands in the grease. We will not expect Google and other manufacturers that they continue to support 5-year-old phones, but it's nice to see that some people are still interested.

The Nexus S is also equipped with a single-core 1GHz processor (which dates from 2005) and 512MB of RAM, with a notch even smaller than the HTC HD2.

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Some Nexus phones disappear in the limbo of oblivion, like the Nexus S. Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S, the original mobile of the big manufacturer coren, also dates from 2010 and also allows to run Android 6.0 Marshmallow thanks to the same XDA developer as for the port on the HTC HD2.

Once again, we are proving that old smartphones can successfully run the latest version of Android if a developer has the will to take care of it. It also shows that mobiles were designed with much greater durability than today.

The porting of Marshmallow is based on OmniROM (the detailed process is available on XDA Developers). Note that, as one might expect, the ROM is not quite stable and does not allow for optimal user experience.

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The Samsung Galaxy S can run Marshmallow. Samsung

Many old phones can run Marshmallow

The stories of the same genre are not lacking to talk about these phones forgotten by Google or their manufacturer, and who are still able to run the new versions of Android.

The moral of this story is simple: do not believe the gobbledown of mobile builders and operating system vendors when they will explain that your phone can not get new updates because it is too old. The economic efficiency of manufacturers is clearly not always compatible with that of their customers!

If you have an old phone somewhere that no longer serves, you can already dust it and see it on XDA Developers if a port of Marshmallow is available. You could find the flame with this old device!

What do you think about Android update cycles? How long do you think your mobile will stay support? Do not hesitate to give your opinion in the comments.

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