Here's how to install Cortana as default wizard on Android

Here's how to install Cortana as default wizard on Android

Do you know that you can change the default wizard for your smartphone? One of the alternatives is called Cortana. Just download the APK (Android Package) of the American version and you can put the default Microsoft Voice Assistant. Unfortunately, Cortana for Android only offers English and Chinese for the moment.

Opinion by Eric Ferrari-Herrmann

Digital assistants like Google Assistant and Cortana will soon be indispensable

The API (Application Programmable Interface) Wizard exists since Android 6.0 Marshmallow and the launch of Now on Tap. The current content of the notches can be recorded by the wizard on the interface and evaluated by the Artificial Intelligence. Finally, you get help with translation, navigation, calendar and other services.

Most smartphone manufacturers use the Google app. And, depending on the version or type of your smartphone, a short press on the Home button leads either Now on Tap or Google Assistant, with some exceptions. This wizard can however be changed. This is especially possible with Cortana. This marks the beginning of a new re and we show you here how to define the default Microsoft wizard.

Cortana for Android: download

Cortana is not available for download in the Play Store. Instead, it is recommended to download it via APK Mirror. This APK is reliable, however, be careful when you browse the site to download fake buttons that are in the site's advertising inserts. For installation, you must provide unknown sources in the Android security settings.

Microsoft Cortana Digital Assistant
Install on Google Play

After installation, Cortana requests permissions. First come the permissions for the mto, the voice control microphone, the agenda of appointments and the access to public data. Additional options arrive later. In addition, Cortana requires you to register with a Microsoft account.

Cortana as a default assistant

You have two options to set Cortana as the default wizard on your Android device. Either you follow the instructions in the initial configuration of Cortana, or you go to the Android settings. In applications, you need to find a menu button or a Settings button in the top right corner. Tap and search for a button to define standard or default applications. Each smartphone maker baptizes their menus differently, so we took as an example here a Galaxy S8.

cortana for android as default assistant
You can set Cortana as the default wizard in Default Applications. AndroidPIT

Once installed, Cortana has different modes of operation as an assistant. Initially Cortana installs as a voice search. A logical alternative for you can be the flow. It shows you the make lists, the upcoming and current appointments, as well as the messages, the mto and other services you have set up.

cortana 280 for android options
You will find what to do at boot in the settings of Cortana. AndroidPIT

On this screen, you will find the microphone symbol that allows you to activate Cortana with the magic word "Hey Cortana". It does not work constantly in the background as with Google. In fact, you must first open the Cortana application so that the speech recognition with the magic word is active.

cortana for android listen feed
Cortana launches or shows you your feed. AndroidPIT

Cortana lock screen

The installation wizard also asks you if you want to configure Cortana for your lock screen. The wizard proposes this via a mobile icon that appears on the lock screen. For this, the wizard needs the authorization present for other applications. However, the screen overlay sometimes causes display errors and thus presents a low security risk. Clicking on the icon will allow you to control your feeds directly from the lock screen.


In case you still do not use a voice assistant and you are ready to speak your phone in English, Cortana is an application I recommend. The stream offers, thanks to many extension solutions, an excellent alternative to many standard offers from smartphone manufacturers.

Do you test Cortana on your Android smartphone?

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