Here's how to heat smartly while saving money!

Here's how to heat smartly while saving money!

Even if the autumn was rather soft, the winter begins to arrive. Dj today, some days, the heaters are again gone. It is not always possible to set a temperature and maintain it in the home, and heating systems rarely work according to a specific programming schedule. On the other hand, with low-cost technology, even simple heating systems can be transformed into truly intelligent systems and, most importantly, they can save you a lot of money.

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Several new thermostats make your heating smart. AndroidPIT

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If you simply use your radiator in the house, the installation is very simple. It is often enough to replace the existing thermostat with the smart model. The configuration is done either via the application or via a control panel that is sometimes provided. Most smart radiator thermostats can also be connected to your WLAN router and thus the Internet via the supplied bridge. This then allows what is called gofencing.

Geofencing: do not heat empty apartments!

Behind the term gofencing is the ability to control absences. If the family goes on a weekend excursion, the apartment is slightly warm. This saves energy and money, compared to a fixed system. For even though the program heating plan stipulates that the apartment must be comfortable and warm all Saturday and Sunday, the radiators remain cold.

Protection against theft is rare (necessary)

Radiator thermostats are fairly easy to install, but also easy to remove. Thieves have no difficulty in stealing expensive equipment. Some suppliers therefore offer additional components that make it more difficult to dismount thermostats. Honeywell, for example, uses extra screws that protect both the thermostat and the batteries it uses against thieves. Of course, this is only important if you use the thermostat in non-private and non-constantly monitored rooms such as basements or waiting rooms.

tado smart radiator thermostat 02
Unprotected thermostats can be stolen in the blink of an eye. AndroidPIT

Adapters are often needed

When buying, make sure the thermostat is supplied with the correct connections. If this is not the case, the manufacturer must offer suitable adapters at least in his store. If this still is not the case, all you can do is look for an alternative or go to the installer.

Voice command: desired temperature on call

People who are bedridden or unable to move will be happy to be able to set the room temperature by voice command. Some network thermostats can also be controlled with well-known assistants such as Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant.

Humidity and air quality are not all measures

At Tado, for example, thermostats measure not only the temperature, but also the humidity and the quality of the air. This optimizes your ventilation behavior. Regular ventilation replaces the air with fresh air without cooling the walls too much. This reduces the formation of mold and saves energy and additional heating costs.

Netatmo meets you

Netatmo's intelligent heating system recognizes the trends in your daily life and intelligently adjusts the thermostats of each room according to your wishes. After a learning phase, the system can adjust parts at certain times.

The initially configured schedule fits perfectly your real wishes. You can do this simply by manually setting the smart thermostats in different parts at certain times. Netatmo observes these adjustments and remembers them. This allows the system to make ever more accurate predictions about your temperature at certain times.

Change can be profitable from next winter

There are different estimates of the potential of smart thermostats in terms of energy savings. The question is: how much time do you spend at home and how warm are your rooms? And is the window only briefly ventilated, or is it inclined for hours?

Why these questions ? Simply because some systems automatically lower the radiators when inclined windows are detected. In this case, the saving potential is of course much higher. In terms of percentage, we are talking about an economy of 10 40% of heating costs. If these are around 1500 euros per year, you could save between 150 and 600 euros.

Starter kits for some of the systems mentioned above are therefore offered in a price range where the purchase is already depreciated after the first heating period.

First experiences with Tado

Tado sent us samples of his thermostats. It offers both radiator thermostats and thermostats for underfloor heating systems. The installation is quite simple, as for most of the competitors mentioned above.

tado smart radiator thermostat 01
First remove the old thermostat. AndroidPIT

In our case, we replaced the thermostat of an old radiator with the radiator thermostat Tado. You must first unscrew the old thermostat completely. Then you can remove it – mostly without tools – simply. If the connection is different, some adapters are included in the Tado thermostat set.

tado smart radiator thermostat 04
Tados radiator thermostats start when they are in installation mode. AndroidPIT

Once the batteries have been inserted for the first time into the radiator thermostat, the installation mode starts. This means that the thermostat waits for the first commands through the supplied bridge, which you connect to the router, which must then connect to the Internet. If all three lights come on, you can put them in pairing mode and continue.

tado smart radiator thermostat 06
Connect the bridge to your router and press the button. AndroidPIT. AndroidPIT

Installation is possible either in the web interface or in the Tado application. You assign your thermostats individual rooms and you can also group them, which creates a kind of dashboard with the temperatures of your rooms.

Install on Google Play

tado app
Simplicity characterizes this application. AndroidPIT

In the application, you can determine your programs, read the temperature and humidity values ​​and configure the Geofencing. If there is no one left in your apartment, you can also dye your space heaters. If the gofencing settings are set correctly, this happens even automatically.

Smart heating: first conclusion

We will know the end of this winter if we can save money. For many, buying smart thermostats is an interesting investment. Whoever uses geofencing and takes into account the warnings of open or even inclined windows has the greatest economic potential.

Around the theme of thermostats, we find other accessories that can save even more money. That said, for new users, having a thermostat in their room is already a good start.

Do you see an interest in this type of technology?

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