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Here’s how to get free Wi-Fi everywhere

Wi-Fi is available everywhere these days and the best Wi-Fi is free Wi-Fi. Watch out for dark corners of the free public Wi-Fi. There is no free lunch, remember! We’ve collected tips to help keep you safe and connected. Here’s how to find a Wi-Fi connection on the go.

Use your scanner

Your Android will already tell you whether a Wi-Fi connection is secure or not. Just go to Settings> Wi-Fi and look for connections labeled “open” or “unsecure” and connect. Otherwise, a connection to a secure network is just a password. You can look up passwords in public areas, like coffee shops, or ask a neighbor if you can use their Wi-Fi network for a while. The important thing is to remember to use your scanner and to keep your eyes open.

Use Facebook “Find WiFi”

Open the Facebook app you have already downloaded, tap the tab More and open “Find WiFi” with your iPhone or Android device. This feature will help you find nearby sources of free public Wi-Fi. Choose from a list of businesses in your area and view hours of operation along with network names. Not all companies have opted for broadcasting their networks yet, but the Facebook Find WiFi feature is already very useful.

The library

If you live near a library or have lunch near a library, you can still get free Wi-Fi for a limited time at the good old book depot. Again, you might have to walk around and grab a piece of paper, but sometimes the Wi-Fi password is written on the wall for everyone to see and use.

Check your cable subscription

Some of the major cable networks also provide free Wi-Fi as part of their subscription offerings. Take a look at your fine print or call customer service to see if you have access to data in your subscription. It’s not technically free, but if you never knew you had access to hotspots across town, this is the next best thing.

Go to Starbucks or McDonalds

It doesn’t take a genius to know that some big chains are using free Wi-Fi like a carrot to attract customers. Much like the free McDonalds restrooms get a lot of people to drop by when needed and stay with fries. , the same goes for free Wi-Fi. He pays almost six dollars for a Starbucks coffee.

Use a crowdsourced Wi-Fi database application

Instabridge is a great little app where Wi-Fi connections and crowd-sourced passwords are compiled into a multi-million network. The best thing is that it also includes secure connections, as long as one person has paid for that latte, anyone with the app can enjoy the connection.

Free Wi-Fi hotspots with Instabridge
Free Wi-Fi hotspots with Instabridge

Instabridge - Wi-Fi Code & Key
Instabridge - Wi-Fi Code & Key


WeFi is a great app that automatically connects you to any free Wi-Fi network in your area, based on the combined resources of millions of users like you, who know that where there are numbers, there are of the force. With over seven million downloads and hundreds of millions of hotspots, WeFi guarantees coverage wherever you are.

Find Wi-Fi - Automatically Connect to Free Wi-Fi
Find Wi-Fi - Automatically Connect to Free Wi-Fi

A word about public Wi-Fi security

Before you find a free Wi-Fi network and get started quickly, there are a few things to consider. The truth is, like all things in life, no one gives you something without expecting something in return. Free Wi-Fi spots can be an absolute playground for those who want to hack and steal. You never really know how secure the standard encryption protocols of a network that anyone can join for free can be.

Men-in-the-Middle attacks, where hackers can eavesdrop on data flowing between the network and a connected device, can occur. There are also some false hot spots to worry about. This is where a hacker will create what looks like a free Wi-Fi hotspot to encourage users to participate. Once logged in, the malicious creator can strike your hardware with malware or even take control of your device to steal personal information.

If you are still concerned about the authenticity of a network in a bar or cafe, ask a staff member to confirm that the Wi-Fi network is operated by the property before connecting.

How do you get free Wi-Fi? What do you do when there is no Wi-Fi? Tell us in the comments.

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