Here's how to disable Doze from Android Marshmallow

Here's how to disable Doze from Android Marshmallow

Introduced by Marshmallow (finally Android M Preview Developer 1), the arrival of the underwater feature that is called 'Doze' was a real slap for me, tripling the autonomy of my Google Nexus 5 standby. This said so, this function – so excellent and taken from the users – camouflages some imperfections under its veil. In addition to quoting them, we will also explain how to disable Doze under Marshmallow.

Cut 'Doze' with Marshmallow? It's possible !

Before you begin, you must know …

Now known as Doze, this mode was initially named Project Volta when it was still in the development phase at Google. Qualified as underwater or dormant, this particular and revolutionary smart feature is capable of doubling, and even tripling standby time. How does it work? When the screen of your mobile (under Marshmallow) goes out, your Nexus then goes into a prolonged hibernation mode that will slow down all the processes in the background and this, in order to space the synchronization as much as possible. of these. The resources rclames by the less important / numerous components, the battery will then be less sollicit, and thus extend its autonomy in standby.

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In a nutshell, the Doze function causes the device to hibernate. During this hibernation, the device will have some ruptions (irregular intervals and learning of your habits) in his sleep and this, in order to reduce the demand for resources, and thus greatly save the battery. AndroidPIT

For what reason (s) Doze is a problem?

Instability with other energy saving modes

By integrating this advanced energy saving function, Google has strengthened the features offered by Android, but also does not hide its desire to want to put some order in the alternative interfaces of other manufacturers. Indeed, these famous interfaces of constructors – which partially modify Android – shelter for most of them one or more modes which are precisely the energy economy. That said, the Californian glove had duly said that these alternative modes could create interferences with the mode of energy saving native of Google that Doze. At the moment, the returns on this subject are still slim since very few mobile devices have had the opportunity to enjoy Android Marshmallow at the moment.

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Alternate energy-saving modes developed by manufacturers may have incompatibilities with Doze. Knowing that the availability of Marshmallow is currently very limited, it is difficult to say whether or not this mode will be beneficial for terminals that already have an advanced mode of energy management. AndroidPIT

Disconnecting application notifications

I do not think we can talk about an imperfection, but be aware that Doze is unable to fetch notifications when your device is idle, except those that arrive through mobile networks. On the other hand, an option (buried in the parameters) is able to prohibit Doze to cut the requests of certain applications so that they can continue to synchronize when the mobile is on standby. How to do this ? It is precisely that we will explain step by step in the last part of the article.

Here's where to disable Doze under Marshmallow

As I pointed out throughout the article, there is a way, at least a solution to say Doze to ignore the optimization of the battery for this or that application, but not in a global way. Clearly, this means that Doze can ignore certain applications, so that they can continue to synchronize in standby.

In a few simple steps, here's how to do that:

  • To start, drag the status / notification bar down and click on the mechanical wheel of the parameters at the top right.
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Here is the first step in two screenshots. AndroidPIT
  • Once this is done, drag in the list until you reach the 'Applications' menu, then open it and click on the mechanical wheel at the top right that opens another menu.
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Then, the second step to find the menu dedicated to the optimization of applications. AndroidPIT
  • After entering the 'Configure Apps' menu, click on 'Battery Optimization'.
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After that, you land directly in the search menu. AndroidPIT
  • In this menu split into two tabs, you can find optimized applications or not.
  • By clicking on the dpliant, you will have access to the tab 'All applications'.
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Here you can choose which application to optimize or not. By clicking on the three points (sitting at the top right), it is also possible to reset the parameters related to this function in particular and others. AndroidPIT
  • In this one, tap on the application of your choice for 'Do not optimize it'.
  • That's it, you now know how to optimize or not the battery consumed by your apps!

Note : this function is available for the TOTALIT of the applications installed in your device, finally provided that it has Android 6.0 Marshmallow or a more recent version of the system.

We now come to the end of the article. If you are having trouble or any other profile, remember that the comments are for a. I, the team or the community will be happy to help you.

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