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HERE WeGo – Itinerary & GPS2.0.11539

HERE WeGo is a very good application that can be used as a classic GPS but also an essential tool for planning trips and sightseeing. To advice !

What to do with HERE WeGo?

00B4000008725488-photo-here-wego-itin-raire-gps.jpgFormerly known as HERE Maps or from Nokia Maps, HERE WeGo is an Android application for GPS, cartography and route calculation using several means of transport.

This app is particularly practical for preparing trips to the city by public transport, to guide you abroad or to find shops and activities nearby.

Plan your trips well

Used as a simple GPS, HERE WeGo does the job well and offers download maps from over 180 countries for offline use. The user can also choose his mode of transport, the application will calculate the best route for the car, public transport, carpooling, taxi, walking and cycling.

It is also possible to be informed of the price of transport and taxi, possible delays in the event of traffic jams and the difficulty of the route for cyclists.

Visit the biggest cities in the world

Thanks to its numerous partnerships with several companies such as Expedia, BlaBlaCar or Trip Advisor, HERE WeGo offers an ideal urban tourism experience in the largest cities in the world.

In the blink of an eye, the user can find several points of interest in the surrounding area such as tourist sites, restaurants or cultural events. It is also possible to find healthcare professionals, banks, hotels and petrol stations nearby.

A simple app to take in hand

With its intuitive interface and in French, HERE WeGo is easy to use every day to plan your trips in town or in the countryside.