And if Apple released four iPhone 12 (Pro)?

Here is the perfect iPhone 12!

iphone 12 iconThe new iPhone 12 expected for 2020 is expected firmly by those who were owed by the iPhone XS and, to a lesser extent, by the iPhone 11 Pro. About it, many leaks and rumors have already been shared but, as often, design is the most interesting.

A perfect iPhone 12?

While we are almost certain that Apple will rework the entire design on the iPhone 2020, with a look close to liPad Pro 2018 and iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, the slot as we know it still remains in the dark.

Our beloved Benjamin Geskin has worked towards a total elimination of this year and we reveal a concept that leaves a dream. Indeed, after proposing an iPhone 12 Pro with reduced notch, it goes to a total notch, without notch or poinoin. For memory, the leaker was largely ahead of the design of the iPhone 11 Pro with its three rear sensors. He had even dreamed of the iPhone X before the hour.

As a result, Apple will mark a new break in the iPhone lre. If the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro have relaunched sales at half XS and XR, iPhone 12 and 12 Pro will certainly blow up the numbers. In addition to the new design, Apple has provided a 120Hz notch for ultra-low-power players, a new 3D camry larrire for reality increases and photo, 5G compatibility and a processor A14 5nm grav to increase performance and battery life. Not to mention the reverse charging and probably some other new discover soon.

Here is the rendering of the iPhone 12 Pro:

iphone 12 pro rendering geskin without notch 1iphone 12 pro rendering geskin without notch