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Basic functions: help for beginners

How to listen to your WhatsApp messages in all discretion

When you listen to a voice message, it is played through your main speaker, allowing your entourage to enjoy the content. That said, there is a simple solution: just get the phone to your ear while reading and the proximity sensor will understand that you are holding it close, so it will automatically switch the sound to the other speaker, used for calls.

How to cancel sending a WhatsApp voicemail message

When you send a voice message, you must keep pressing the record button. When you stop pressing, the message is sent. That said, you can cancel the message you are dictating by sliding your finger to the left of the input field, then a small trash appears, indicating that your message is deleted.

whatsapp voice messages
You have stammered? No problem, delete your message and try again. AndroidPIT

How to mark a WhatsApp message as a favorite

If you are an intensive user of WhatsApp, you write and receive a lot of messages. For one reason or another, you may want to make some available more easily than others: just mark them as a favorite. Go to the conversation and make a long press on the message you want to bookmark, then click on the star in the new menu at the top.

To access favorite posts, go to the main window of WhatsApp and click on the three vertical points. Then enter the Important Messages tab and you will find your favorites.

whatsapp favorite
Place a message as a favorite for quick access. AndroidPIT

How to do a WhatsApp search of contacts or messages

Do you have a lot of contacts and are you looking for someone in particular? It's easy: Just click on the magnifying glass and type the name of the person you are looking for.

The search is not limited to finding contacts. If you have a long conversation with a contact, and you want to find a particular message, you can also access it easily. Enter into the conversation then click on the three points at the top right, then click on Search and the turn is played.

whatsapp search
You can search for contacts as well as conversations. AndroidPIT

How to send on WhatsApp a file a contact

Just follow the same procedure as explained above, except that this time in the trombone you have to choose Document. You will then access your internal memory (or your Drive files), select the file you wish to send and validate.

How to send your location or the number of a contact on WhatsApp

In some circumstances, you may need to send your exact location or send the phone number of another contact. To do this, simply go to the conversation window with your interlocutor and then click on the trombone at the top right. You will find the different shipping positions.

To send your location, simply click on Location (oh the naughty Anglicism!) And in the next window, choose the option that best fits what you want to do. To send a contact, simply select Contact in the paper clip, choose one from the list and validate with the arrow at the bottom.

whatsapp send
You can send files and your location. AndroidPIT

How to be certain to have the latest version of WhatsApp

In general, the Play Store warns you when your applications can be updated. Of course, you can check if a version is available by going to the Play Store, by clicking on the left menu you will find my applications and can see which can be updated.

If you do not want to wait until the update is available in the Play Store, you can go to the APK file and install it manually. We explain everything in this article.

If you want to discover WhatsApp news in preview, we advise you to opt for WhatsApp bta.

How to participate WhatsApp bta

Like many applications, Facebook / WhatsApp offers users the ability to test new features in a non-stable version. To enter this beta program, simply follow this link Once done, you will be able to install beta versions of WhatsApp from the Play Store.

whatsapp beta
You can become beta tester. AndroidPIT

How to send messages with Google Now / Google Assistant on WhatsApp

If for some reason you do not want to use your hands / fingers, know that you can go through Google Now to send a message WhatsApp entirely by voice interface.

Just run it manually or say OK Google (if this option is active), then say sending #message #contact to WhatsApp. For example, sending Carole cuckoo on WhatsApp. The application then asks you to confirm, you can either press the arrow or confirm by voice.

How to make an audio or video call on WhatsApp

Nothing's easier. Enter the conversation window, you will find at the top right the symbol of a phone, and the trombone. Press it, the application will ask you if you want to make an audio or video call. Select the desired function and the call will be launched.

We explain everything about WhatsApp video calls

whatsapp calls
In two taps, you can make a call. AndroidPIT

How to change its WhatsApp status?

Just click on the 3 vertical points at the top right. On the menu, click Status. You can then modify it as you like by clicking on the small right brush of the existing status, or by choosing one of the default statuses below.

whatsapp status2
You can change your status quickly. AndroidPIT

Tips and tricks for photos and videos on WhatsApp

How to delete photos and videos sent on WhatsApp

WhatsApp can be sometimes annoying because each time you send an image / video it is saved in your phone in the directory of the sent files. For example, you made a photo today in town and want to send someone, the photo will be found not only in your camera folder but also in your WhatsApp conversation with this contact.

You can go to the directory where they are saved and delete them manually: go to the WhatsApp directory of your internal memory then enter in Media and go into what you want to delete, then in the Sent folder and delete .

You can also do automatic removal using the free WhatSentCleaner application. It is bilingual English / German but the concept is very simple: you choose what you want to delete (images sent, video sent or audio files sent) and then you press Subern / clean.

whatsapp whatsentcleaner
The problem is solved in one tap! AndroidPIT

How to disable automatic loading of multimedia files on WhatsApp

When you get a lot of pictures on WhatsApp, you do not always want to have them downloaded by default. Not only they are not always interesting but especially their download consumes data. Rest assured, you can disable the autoloading, you will then validate the download manually.

Go to Settings and then Use Data. You can then choose what can be downloaded automatically with mobile data, Wi-Fi or roaming. Just click on the configuration that interests you, for example using mobile data, and check what you want.

If nothing is to be downloaded automatically, simply disable all items.

whatsapp data usage
Configure WhatsApp to avoid unpleasant surprises with your package. AndroidPIT

Tips and tricks about blocking on WhatsApp

How to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp?

There is no miracle solution to be certain that a contact has blocked you but some elements can help you understand it. First, see if the last connection date is visible below its name in the conversation window. Then check if the sent messages are sent: you should see two notches instead of one. You can also look at whether it is possible to invite the person into a group, if it has blocked you this should be impossible. Finally, check if you can see the picture of your contact, if he blocked you can not access his profile.

All this is taking with tweezers since users can hide the date of the last connection and / or not have a profile picture.

How to block a WhatsApp user?

It's very simple. Open the conversation with this contact, press the menu key and select Block. The list of blocked contacts is in the Settings> My Account> Privacy.

whatsapp block
A user harque? Block it! AndroidPIT

How to block and report spam on WhatsApp?

Since version 2.12.23, it is possible to block and denounce a user as spam if you receive a message from someone you do not have as a contact. This option will be offered to you each time, unless the contact is in your address book.

How to prevent someone from calling / contacting you on WhatsApp?

If you do not want to receive calls from certain contacts, you can simply block them. To do this, go to the settings of WhatsApp, tab My account and Confidentiality. You will find blocked contacts, the following step is explained inside. Clearly, in the new window you click on the small symbol at the top right and choose the contacts to block.

whatsapp block2
Choose who should not contact you. AndroidPIT

Tips and tricks on safety

How to lock WhatsApp

Some conversations should not be seen by everyone. You can impose a Pin code on WhatsApp: to open (and thus access your conversations) you will need to know the correct numbers. Some manufacturers offer this feature by default, including OnePlus with App locker, but if it is not present on your smartphone you can download an application that will do it for you.

You have a choice: Messenger and Chat Lock, Lock (Applock) or CM Security AppLock

whatsapp pincode
With AppLocker on OnePlus, you can block access to applications. AndroidPIT

How to hide his last login date, his profile picture and his WhatsApp status

For one reason or another, you may want to hide these items your contacts. Go to Settings, My Account, Privacy tab, and you can set everything from the next screen. With Vu you can indicate who can see your date of last connection, with profile photo it is obviously your photo and with Status you can configure who can see your personalized message.

whatsapp privacy
Configure who can see what. AndroidPIT

How to enable 2-step whatsapp verification on WhatsApp to improve account security

See you in the settings, My Account> Verification in two steps. You can then choose to receive a verification email when you need to login to WhatsApp (for example when using Franz or another device).

whatsapp verification
Protect your account. AndroidPIT

How to delete your WhatsApp account?

This option is available to anyone who wants to leave the service. If you choose this option, your contacts, history, and other settings will be completely removed, including the option to restore the data if you decide to reinstall it. The main elements are:

  • WhatsApp groups will disappear
  • The message history is deleted
  • A restore by Google Drive will no longer be possible

If you accept all this and really want to delete WhatsApp, follow the next steps.

  • Access WhatsApp settings from 3 vertical points
  • Enter in "My account" then in "Delete my account"
  • Confirm your choice by pressing "Delete my account"
whatsapp delete
Deleting his account is easy. AndroidPIT

What if the smartphone has been stolen?

If your device has been stolen, the best option is to remove the number from your operator or, at least, to block the SIM card. If for any reason you can not do this, please be aware that you can disable your account directly by email, but this solution is not effective if the thief can connect to your WhatsApp account.

Just send an email with a specific structure. Once the message is sent, you have 30 days notice before deactivation. In other words, if you reconnect within 30 days of sending, the procedure will be canceled.

Here's how the mail should be composed:

  • The title of the mail must be "Lost / Stolen: Deactivate my account"
  • In the body of the email, type "Please disable my account. +33 # your-number"

After following these steps, send email If it's necessary, WhatsApp will contact you for more information.

Tips and tricks for WhatsApp notifications

How to get floating notifications on WhatsApp

You can get floating notifications, or Chat Heads as our English-speaking friends say. You can use the WhatsBubbles – Chat Bubbles app, which will have floating notifications similar to those of Facebook Messenger. You can also use another application, Seebye Chat Heads, which makes the notifications floating but you need a root smartphone.

whatsapp notification
Allow the app to access your notifications, and it will show you floating notifications. AndroidPIT

How to completely disable WhatsApp notifications

Do you have a lot of contacts and you receive a notification every 30 seconds? The solution may be simply to disable them. To do this, simply go to the settings and depending on the manufacturer you will find them either in the options of the notifications or in the options of the application itself. You can then reject the notifications.

How to disable sound on WhatsApp notifications

Fed up with a sound every 10 seconds? Disable them! Enter the settings and then in the notifications menu, you can then check up the possibility of receiving sounds. Alternate method: Long press a conversation from the main window, then click on the loudspeaker barrel at the top right.

whatsapp notification2
It's up to you to decide how you want to handle notifications. AndroidPIT

How to respond to WhatsApp messages from pop-ups

If notifications are not enough, you can set up WhatsApp to open a window in the middle of your screen when you receive a message. You will then be able to reply directly from this window, without opening the entire application.

To activate these pop-ups, enter the settings of the application, Notifications tab and activate Notification Popup.

whatsapp popup
Answer directly from the popups. AndroidPIT

Tips and tricks on using WhatsApp with a PC

How to use WhatsApp on PC

If you want to use WhatsApp from your PC, there are several possibilities. Either you use the official application, you use the WhatsApp Web site, or you use third-party software such as Franz.

Each time, the authentication process is the same: you have to connect your smartphone with your computer using a code. Once done, you can chat directly from your PC.

How to receive WhatsApp notifications on PC

If you prefer to avoid the solutions suggested below, you can opt for the method of getting Android notifications on your PC. Several options are available: Desktop Notifications, Pushbullet

whatsapp web
Just have your smartphone connect Internet to use WhatsApp Web. AndroidPIT

Tips and tricks for WhatsApp group discussions and mailing lists

How to add a WhatsApp group administrator

It is possible to have multiple administrators within a group. You must access the group information and click on the group member you want to add as an administrator.

How to put a WhatsApp contact or WhatsApp group in silent

Some groups or people seem to have a single purpose on WhatsApp: test our patience. In order to avoid violent reactions, it is better to hide their notifications. To do this, click on the three small dots option and click on Silence. You can then choose how long it should last and whether notifications should always be posted or not.

whatsapp group
Too many groups? Put them in silence and they will not disturb you anymore. AndroidPIT

How to archive a WhatsApp conversation

You can archive a conversation, that is, store it somewhere, but it does not fit anymore on your main window (you can still search for it). To do this, you must go to the main window of WhatsApp and make a long press on a conversation, you will then see the symbol at the top right (a box with an arrow), just click on it.

If you want to archive all the conversations, go to Settings> Discussions> Discussion History.

How to delete or delete WhatsApp conversations

You have to make a difference between the types of conversation deletion. Delete means that the conversations will be deleted, completely, without the possibility of return. Erase is more or less the same thing but messages can be found after a restore. You will find these options in Settings> Discussions> Discussion History. Of course, you can also delete a specific conversation directly from the options in the conversation window.

whatsapp chat history
Archive, delete, erase … It's up to you! AndroidPIT

Another tip: delete messages one by one. You have up to 7 minutes after sending to delete it, but there is a trick to delete messages beyond this time. We explain everything in detail in the article below.

How to send a WhatsApp message multiple users via a group

Message group messaging is a great classic for instant messaging. To create a group, it's easy: click on the message symbol at the top right (between the options symbol and the magnifying glass), then on New. group. Then add the contacts that you want to integrate this group then validate with the green button. You will all be able to react in real time in a common conversation.

How to send a WhatsApp message to multiple users via a mailing list

If you want to send the same message to several people but do not want them to communicate with each other, you can send a mailing list. To do this, simply click on the top right on the 3 points, then on New broadcast. Then choose the contacts (the maximum is 256) then validate with the green button.

Tips and Tricks for WhatsApp Text Conversations

How to send messages automatically on WhatsApp

It is indeed possible to program the messages send on WhatsApp. Unfortunately, you need a root smartphone to perform this procedure. Download the Seebye Scheduler application, it will allow you to add to configure the sending processes. The application is only available in English and German but it is very intuitive, just give a name to your process, choose the contact or contacts and then configure the date, time and content of the message.

whatsapp automatic message
You can use this app to send messages automatically. AndroidPIT

How to chat faster on WhatsApp

You can, as on many email applications, send messages with the "Enter" key instead of skipping a line. To do this, enter the settings, then in Discussions and check Enter to send.

whatsapp enter send
It's faster as well. AndroidPIT

How to reduce data consumption on WhatsApp

Communication by text consumes very little data but when calling or sending photos or videos, your package can quickly end up vid. Rest assured, you can limit this number by activating the Use Reduced Data option.

Enter the parameters and then the Data Use tab. At the bottom, you will check Use of data less.

whatsapp low data usage
Reduce consumption ANDROIDPIT

How to access the statistics of your WhatsApp conversations?

Unless you have rinitialis, WhatsApp's memory automatically analyzes how many messages, data and calls you have sent and received. You must enter the parameters and then go to Using Data. In the Network Usage tab you will find a lot of information.

whatsapp network usage
How many messages did you send? AndroidPIT

Tips and tricks on using WhatsApp in general

How to create a shortcut to WhatsApp conversations on the home screen?

It is now possible to use a widget to have a shortcut to your favorite conversations. Just go to the list of widgets (usually with a long press on the home screen) and select WhatsApp Discussions. You are then asked which conversation the shortcut should guide you to choose. All that remains is to validate and the turn is played.

Alternative: In the conversation window you go to the top right options and click More. You will then find the option Add a shortcut, it will be automatically placed on your lock screen.

whatsapp shortcut
A simple widget makes it possible to place the conversation icon on the welcome screen. AndroidPIT

How to change the size of the WhatsApp font?

If for one reason or another you want the characters to be larger or smaller, you can change their size easily in the options. Click on the 3 vertical dots on the top right to open the settings, then enter Discussions then Font Size. Then you can choose what you want. Keep in mind that this is only conversations and not options.

do size whatsapp
You can change the font size of conversations. AndroidPIT

How to change the screen background of WhatsApp?

The default wallpaper may become annoying the long. Why not change it? It's easy, just go to the options and enter the Discussions menu. You will find the Background menu which will offer you several possibilities:

  • retrieve an image in your gallery
  • change the color of the screen background
  • get a screen background from the WhatsApp library
  • disable the bottom of the screen
  • return to the default screen
whatsapp wallpaper
Several options are available to change the background of conversations. AndroidPIT

How to disable WhatsApp blue checkmarks (read confirmations)?

When you see blue ticks the right of your message, it means that it has been read by the recipient. When you have read a message that has been sent to you, your interlocutor also sees blue ticks at the end of his message. Maybe you do not want him to know that you read his messages? You can disable them but then you will not know if your messages are read.

To proceed, simply go to the options and enter My Account and Confidentiality. Disable Read Confirmations and the turn is played.

read receipts whatsapp
Disable read confirmations easily. AndroidPIT

How to put effects in the text (italic and bold) on WhatsApp?

Maybe you want to focus on certain words in your text. WhatsApp offers you to put them in italic or bold. The walk is very simple, just place your word (or text) between * to wash in bold, and between _ to be in italic. Of course, you can also combine both.

change font style whatsapp
Italic, bold, or even both. AndroidPIT

How to mark a conversation as unread on WhatsApp?

You can display a message as unread so you do not forget it. This can be useful if you have read a message for a moment when you can not reply, and seeing it unread will remind you that your correspondent is waiting for an answer.

On the main window, make a long press on the conversation and once it is valid (you find the check mark symbol and the profile picture of your contact), you just have to click Mark as read.

mark unread whatsapp
Select a conversation and then simply click mark as unread. AndroidPIT

Tips and tricks on connectivity

How to install WhatsApp on a tablet?

It is possible to install WhatsApp on your tablet but keep in mind that if you do this, you will not be able to use it on your phone. We explain everything in the article below.

You can install WhatsApp on tablet: we explain everything

How to use WhatsApp without SIM card or with another number

If you have already configured WhatsApp with your number, you will be able to continue to use it even if the SIM card is no longer in it. If you have never set up your device with a phone number, things are different.

When you set up WhatsApp, you need a phone number to check your device. That said, this number can very well be a fixed phone number or another smartphone. In the verification phase, you receive the code by SMS so just copy it to your device. Better yet, you can request a call and the code is given to you by phone.

phonenumber whatsapp
WhatsApp can call you to give you the code. AndroidPIT

How to change phone number on WhatsApp

Your WhatsApp account is associated with a number. If you change your number but still want to keep your WhatsApp account as it is, you simply need to inform WhatsApp that you have a new number.

To do this, simply enter in the options (the 3 points at the top right), then in My Account and of course in Change number. Press Next at the top right, enter your old number in the first line, the new one in the second line and validate by clicking on Terminator at the top right.

change number whatsapp
You can change the number easily. AndroidPIT

Tips and Tricks for WhatsApp Conversation Backups and Restores

How to back up your WhatsApp conversations on Google Drive

In order to keep your conversations and not lose any of your exciting exchanges with your friends, please follow this method not:

  • Open WhatsApp on your old phone.
  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Click Discussions> Save Discussions> Save

You can also set the backup for which it is done automatically (on Google Drive, of course).

save chat google drive
Backup to Google Drive is done in seconds. AndroidPIT

How to make a backup of your WhatsApp conversations and send it by email

Want to keep track of your conversation by email? Nothing's easier. Just go to the conversation window and click on the 3 points at the top right, click More and you will see an option to send the conversation by email.

email chat whatsapp
Send your conversations by email. AndroidPIT

How to make a backup of your WhatsApp conversations on your internal or external memory

Your conversations are recorded daily on your phone, by default in the folder / WhatsApp / Databases from your internal memory or sdcard / WhatsApp / Databases on the external memory. You will need to use this folder during the restore to be able to find all your conversations.

local files whatsapp
Backup files are accessible via a file explorer. AndroidPIT

How to restore WhatsApp conversations

When you reinstall WhatsApp, it asks you if you want to restore conversations. By default you can use the Google Drive system we saw above.

You can choose to restore your conversations via local files, but it will then put a little more hands in the grease.

  • Go to the directory where your files are stored (sdcard / WhatsApp / Databases for microSD cards, / WhatsApp / Databases for internal memories)
  • Rename the file you want to restore (the save date is in the name), giving it the name msgstore.db.crypt12. Do not change the crypt number if the name was crypt10 or crypt9.
  • Uninstall and then reinstall WhatsApp
  • Restore when option is on screen

Other tips and tricks on WhatsApp

Which Xposed modules to use on WhatsApp?

Why settle for the version of WhatsApp proposed by Facebook if you can get a tinker that allows more freedom? The most popular mode of them is undoubtedly WhatsApp Mods. Among other things, it allows you to delete the camera and the voice symbol during conversations, to highlight the messages in group conversations, and so on (using another color).

In another style, you might enjoy WhatsApp Quiet Hours which lets you put WhatsApp in silent for a determined period of time. This allows you to disable notification, vibration, and the notification LED without changing your system settings.

How to use WhatsApp without Internet?

I regret to inform you that this is impossible. If you do not have Internet, you will unfortunately have to turn to the good old text messages to send your messages. There is no miracle recipe. Evitez tomber de tomber dans les piges des personnes qui promettent cette fonctionnalit.

Comment utiliser WhatsApp dans la voiture

Vous navez probablement pas envie de le lire mais je tiens vous rappeler quenvoyer/lire des messages au volant est une mauvaise ide et je vous dconseille de le faire. Si vraiment vous devez envoyer un message en urgence, je vous conseillerais dopter pour la solution la plus simple : linterface vocale. Google Now saura parfaitement envoyer un message un contact WhatsApp si vous le lui demandez.

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