Here is how to configure the read confirmation of your emails

Here is how to configure the read confirmation of your emails

When sending e-mail, it sometimes happens to wait for an answer for long days. Indeed, it may be that our correspondent is too busy, that he quickly responds or that the message did not reach him.

Fortunately, to make sure your recipient has received your email, there are two simple tips.

Activate a receipt or read acknowledgment

Do you know the acknowledgment function when sending an SMS? This is the same principle, but this time for emails.

It confirms receipt of your email in your recipient's inbox. However, it is not a read receipt, so you will not know whether or not you read it.

Many email services do not offer this functionality. Gmail, for example, does not offer read receipt unless you choose a third-party option which often involves paying for a subscription.

On the other hand, if you use the Outlook application on Windows, then you will find the Read Receipts and Receive Receipts features. To configure them:

  • Open the Outlook application on your PC
  • Track your new email
  • Click on the tab options at the top of the window
  • In the group monitored, check request a receipt or request a read receipt

Note that some email addresses may filter your request.

Install an extension

As explained above, Gmail does not allow email tracking, this is one of the options reserved for professional versions. However, you can download an extension to take advantage of this feature.

Mailtrack offers a free plan that allows unlimited email tracking and real-time alerts. To add more features, you will need to opt for the Pro version, starting at 4.99 per month.

To install:

  • Open Gmail
  • Click on settings in the upper right corner (gear wheel icon)
  • In the drop-down menu, select Download add-ons then search Mailtrack
  • Download the extension
  • Back on Gmail, go to New message
  • Click on two green arrows next to Send to make sure the functionality is on WE
  • Track your email and send it

The free version of Mailtrack adds a signature to your message to let the person know that you are using the service. This can be disabled only in the Pro version.

If your needs are professional, there are also more comprehensive services that offer rigorous email tracking within your business.

Two of the most popular are Bananatag and ContactMonkey, they offer several packages, at different prices.

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