Here is a very simple trick to improve the sound on Spotify

Here is a very simple trick to improve the sound on Spotify

A large portion of smartphone users use their mobile to listen to music, and Spotify is often a favorite application in this area. The problem is that the default configuration gives us a tasteless sound, while it is possible with this trick to expand the sound possibilities of Spotify.

Those who have been using Spotify for a long time, whether in free or premium form, have probably already seen this option. This is a simple and almost obvious function for music lovers, which will increase the quality of the sound on Spotify. This tip is valid for Android as for iOS.

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The Galiseur: a simple function that will make you happy

The scorer works miracles on Spotify. But be careful: it does not mean that the app has its own built-in gaming system, but that it already has one installed on your device. To get there, all you have to do is go to the Libraries menu to find the settings in the upper right.

androidpit spotify settings
The configuration icon is at the top right of the screen. AndroidPIT

The trick is a bit less accessible on iOS, but very easy to find on Android. If you go to the configuration menu, you will be able to open the built-in mobile viewer (or the one you have selected by default if you use another one).

As part of our test, the OnePlus X we used had two markers: the default one on the device and Viper4droid (available thanks to root). Spotify redirected me to the first one as it was configured by default.

androidpit spotify equalizer
The Spotify Gaming Option will bring you the sound configuration of your device. ANDROIDPIT AndroidPIT

Adjust the settings according to you

If you have never set up your gaming provider, it's likely that Spotify's music will not be as cool as it should be.

If you go for the first time on your smartphone's gizator and you're doing it from this app, try tuning the gizer while listening to the music to adjust your got. If none of the default settings are right for you, you can adjust it willingly by moving each band of the equalizer.

androidpit equalizer s8
The default gizer of the Galaxy S8. AndroidPIT

Most markers have 5 bands, but others choose 6, 7 or 10 depending on the developer's choices (in this case Viper4droid has 10). The more bands you have, the more you can fine tune.

If you want the music to have better bass, raise the bands on the left, and do the opposite to boost the treble. It's always better to adapt according to the style of music you are listening to. And, of course, to have a good quality helmet!

We hope that this little trick will allow you to bring your Spotify playlist to life. Do not be afraid to use the simulator, he is here to improve your musical experience. Did you know this trick? Have you managed to improve your sound, thanks to which setting?

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