Here ? Could it be an Intel-style Surface Phone?

Image 1 : Tiens ? Serait-ce un Surface Phone à la sauce Intel ?

Image 1: Hey?  Could it be an Intel-style Surface Phone?

If Intel is best known for its processors and components, the company does not refrain from creating “consumer” device prototypes. The LetsGoDigital site discovered a patent filed by the Santa Clara company concerning a device that may well be a Surface Phone, or at least which resembles it strangely.

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Remember that companies file thousands of patents each year, without any guarantee of one day integrating these technologies into our devices. However, in view of the reports the Dutch site, it must be admitted that the concept is attractive. First of all, we notice that this “Intel Phone” has two hinges and three panels with identical dimensions. The display space offered would almost make it possible to consider use it to work… if it was running Windows 10. In its most compact format, the side screens fold down under the central panel. In this sense, we will note a notch dedicated to a stylus.

Currently, Huawei, Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi and Royole are preparing to market foldable smartphones. Intel will have to be strong to win in the face of such fierce competition. According to LetsGoDigital, these patents and renders are probably only used to inspire the partners of the Californian founder and to sell them processors adapted to this new format.