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Here are two techniques to open a SWF file from Windows

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SWF (Small Web Format) files contain audio or video files and animations, all compressed so that they can be shared online. They are also called ShockWave Flash because they are created from Adobe Flash software.

However, since Flash has become an obsolete format, Windows is now unable to read a SWF automatically.

In this tutorial, we give you two quick solutions to open your .swf on Windows.

Open a SWF file via Internet Explorer

To view your .swf files, we suggest that you use Internet Explorer which, by nature, performs tasks via Flash.

Before opening your files via your browser, make sure that Flash is activated:

  • Open your browser.
  • Click on the tooth wheel, at the top right of the search bar.
  • In the drop down menu that appears, go to Manage add-ons Toolbars and Extensions.
  • Select Shockwave Flash object.
  • In Status, click on Activate To close.

Once this is done:

  • Choose your .swf file, right click on it and select Open with…
  • Go to the More applications option.
  • Select Internet To explore okay.

If the .swf file uses ActiveX, then a warning message may be sent to you. To work around the problem, just click Allow.

Now you should be able to view your multimedia files or .swf animations.

Open your .swf files with ddi software

If you prefer to use a third-party application to run your SWFs, then there is no shortage of choices and most are free.

SWF File Player, for example, is compatible with Windows. Its interface is simple, you just have to select the file to read and click on Play.

You can use the very popular VLC player, it also supports SWF files, among many others.

Finally, there are various web applications allowing the conversion of .swf to MP4, so that you can view it on any device.

The choice is vast and, again, at no cost to you, example title: Online Covert and Files Conversion all do a great job.

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