Here are the IT professionals who report the most in 2019

Here are the IT professionals who report the most in 2019

Do not get in trouble!

Before going into the heart of the matter, it is important to remember one thing: your job should please you. Many people opt for computer skills with the sole objective of finding a job easily and making a good living, but if you do not like what you do, not only will the training be a ternit (it is elsewhere, even longer when you are motivated …) but in addition you will probably not perform particularly well your work and therefore risk not to wait for the objectives that you set yourself (and which are fixed).

Before you start, find out and make sure you enjoy this job. Depending on your character, personality and hobbies, some trades will be easier than others. For example, if you do not like the complications and the stress, you can do a cross on the development because there are often unforeseen. In other words, do you care about a job that suits you?

Choose your job

The market has evolved and some IT jobs now have more cash than others, which explains (partially) the differences in wages between the different trades. Let's go back to some basic notions: the city / country in which you find yourself will obviously play a role, you will not have the same salary everywhere. The same goes for your level of experience: a beginner (junior, as we tend to call them today) will be paid less than a senior, and it is also common that they do not have the same responsibilities.

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IT is attracting more and more young people. AndroidPIT

Which sectors of activity are the most successful?

We have seen in recent years that the world of computing has changed. Today, emerging sectors attract not only the attention of the media but especially large companies that no longer hesitate to embark. While jobs such as network and system administration have been in place since the beginning, jobs in these new sectors have become more popular with candidates.

From the development of applications to cybersecurity, via the connected products of the marvelous world of the IoT, or even Machine Learning, which is currently widely spoken about, you can find great job offers. Note that the more flexible you are at the geographical position, the higher your chances of employment (and high pay).

Here are the best countries


It must be recognized that this term is a bit all-purpose because there are many types of developers. The good news is that they are all searched and generally rather country. Currently, the development of mobile applications (whether Android or iOS) is a sought after sector, the application market so very popular. Of course, the development of products (programs, if you prefer) is also sought by many companies, for example when they want an internal system for any reason. do not forget the development of websites, less lucrative and a little more competitive but still very interesting. The bravest will probably be interested in the development of Artificial Intelligence, a sector of the future.

Everyone can not become a developer

Mobile application developerAverage salary: between 2600 and 3000 euros gross per month for beginners

As its name suggests, the mobile application developer creates and often updates (via new features) the applications of the company that the job is. This job is one of the IT jobs that most interests young people but you should know that training to become an application developer requires at least a Bac +2, and for a complete specialization in the mobile you will need often get a Master. The more self-taught can learn programming by themselves, but skills alone rarely open the doors of companies.

Software developer / programsAverage salary: between 2000 and 2500 euros gross per month for beginners

Like other developers, software developers need to learn different computer languages. Once mastered, he can create programs that act as a bridge between the user and the machine. As usual, the salary depends on the level of seniority and geographical position, and like other jobs as developmental students are needed to find a job. At best, you will have to do two years of study (with a DUT or a BTS special), obviously a license and a master can improve your knowledge and your chances.

Web developerAverage salary: around 2000 euros gross per month for beginners

Here again, you must learn computer languages ​​in order to build (and maintain) a website. More and more companies are going through a CMS in order to avoid creating a site totally since 0, but the web developers are still still being researched. The training is simpler than other development professionals (university courses exist but you can also get away with a private training of 6 months). Note that the market is a little more difficult.

Developer in artificial intelligence (also call engineer in artificial intelligence) Average salary: around 4000 euros gross per month in Europe, much more in the USA

This sector is so new, it is difficult to have real concrete data. The university programs do not really give a perfect training and it is not always easy to find an internship to improve, but it is certain that it takes at least 5 years of study in computer science or in school. 'engineer. Anyway, even if the places are rare those who arrive to find their way in this sector probably do not regret it because the profiles are rare and in the US they can reach 500 000 dollars a year. Paris as the European city most interested in AI so you have more chances to find work.

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There is a lot of work with mobile apps. AndroidPIT, graphicstock


Here again, this term is quite broad and includes several jobs. In general, the analyst uses the data available to help his company (or more precisely its product) to help improve, increase its performance, be more competitive in the market, etc.

Companies using a website can call a traffic analyst to check their layout, analyze where users come from, what are the trends … Unfortunately, this business does not get astronomical sums. On the other hand, another type of analyst is very well paid: the Business Intelligence Analyst (also called Business Intelligence Consultant).

Business Intelligence ConsultantAverage salary: about 4000 euros gross per month

The employee uses all the means at his disposal (usually statistical tools) to improve the performance of the product. Financial analysis, analysis of the competition, analysis of the potential, possibly the development of strategy … It is a sector of very varied work and great responsibilities which implies great technical and scientific competences, consequently the formation is not the simplest, you will need a master to perform this work.

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Artificial Intelligence will eventually replace the human in all these tasks? AndroidPIT


Yes, there are architects even in IT!

Business Intelligence Architect (also called Decision Architect or Big Data Architect) Average salary: close to 4000 euros gross per month, this figure can increase significantly depending on the company

To sum up, the architect creates the systems that the consultant uses to obtain his data. The term architect simply comes from the incredible work of "construction" that he must perform in order to obtain data on all aspects of his business. From finance to customer information, to payment methods and different methods of contact, it's simply the master of big data. In addition to this, he is responsible for certain decisions and, in some cases, can also fulfill the role of BI Consultant voqu above. This profile is rare, usually involves engineering studies or at least a degree in computer science to follow another training, but it is undoubtedly a very flourishing job and the salary is rver.

These 6 trades have the future in front of them, but of course there are other interesting jobs in IT, we only list the most interesting.

Are you planning to do some career in one of these trades?

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