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Here are 3 applications to (d) lock a Mac via an iPhone

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To keep your Mac and your data safe, it is strongly recommended to activate an automatic locking option. Thanks to this, when you stop using your computer for a set time, it stalls and becomes inaccessible to anyone.

However, despite the security and protection it offers, having to type your password each time quickly becomes a drawback.

Fortunately, to remedy this, there are applications that allow you to access your device remotely and via your iPhone.

In this tutorial, we explain how to unlock your Mac without having to enter your password.

Unlock a Mac distance with an iPhone

Until Apple integrates a remote unlock feature with its iOS / macOS updates, you will find many applications in the App Store capable of playing this role.

Among them, there is Near Lock, a free and effective app. To take advantage of additional options, you can also subscribe to its Pro version, 3.99 / month.

It allows you to use Touch ID or FaceID on your iPhone to unlock your Mac, defining the proximity of your choice.

now, change your Mac's security settings so that Near Lock can connect to it remotely:

  • In System Preferences, go to Security and confidentiality.
  • Go to longlet Confidentiality.
  • Click on the padlock and enter your password.
  • In the left column, choose Accessibility
  • Tick Near Lock.

Then, still on your Mac, go back to Near Lock.

  • In the left column, click on Setup
  • Check the configuration options that interest you.

The Proximity Lock (Proximity lock) is set to 1 m by default, but you can change it. If you want to activate the screen saver, then you will have to choose Sleep.

When you keep your iPhone away from more than one meter from your Mac, your Mac will lock automatically.

You will also find other unlocking options such as Double Knock (double tap on the screen), Touch ID, FaceID or receiving a confirmation notification.

Paid apps to unlock a Mac

Here are two paid applications with which it is possible to (d) block a Mac remotely.


MacID (4,49) allows you to (d) lock a macOS via the Touch ID. It is particularly equipped with features such as "Tap to Unlock" to activate your macOS by tapping the screen of your iPhone. On top of that, it is compatible with iPads and Apple Watch.


Unlox (3.99) was created by the developer of MacID, with it access your Mac via Face ID, but also control your computer audio on Spotify and iTunes.

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