Here are 10 hidden functions of Android N that are known

Here are 10 hidden functions of Android N that are known

Here are the main hidden features of Android N

hold back : in the list, it turns out that some options do not have help to access it. Why ? For those that are not mentioned, these are camouflage functions in the System UI Tuner menu. So here's the way to activate them easily. To distinguish them easily, a sign (I) was appended to those concerned.

Advance thumbnail management of the status bar (I)

Although it is already under Marshmallow (Android 6.0+), the menu dedicated to the 'Status Bar' has been improved by the arrival of Android N. Dornavant, it is possible to configure thumbnails more targeted, in particular.

New 'Night Mode' to darken the interface (I)

Also discovered during Marshmallow's Preview Developer 1, 'Night Mode' was also evolved with Android N. Initially, it was an activatable option in the options given to developers. With Android N's Preview Developer 1, this option has the appearance of a detailed menu, where it is possible to:

  • whether to use the subject or not
  • to use or not the coloring, which is supposed less tired eyes
  • and finally to configure its brightness

Again, we are in front of an experimental function that proves difficulties to activate, but it works.

android n date release new features 06
In pictures, here are the options and how is the night mode of Android N. ANDROIDPIT

Easy activation of split screen mode (multi-window)

Also available from Android N Preview Developer 1, access to multi-window still claimed to have advanced knowledge in development to activate it. Today, the function has been removed from the menu that is dedicated to the experimental options, but it still shows signs of instability, although it is functional.

To access it, you must:

  • click on the square button of the quick action bar, then
  • to put a long pressure on a window, following what
  • a semi-transparent popup appears and invites you to drop the window inside, after
  • just click on the second window of your choice to place it next to

However, be aware that this function is very unstable, especially when the user switches to landscape mode.

android n date release new features 04
For the time being, the multi-window mode simply allows two windows to be displayed side-by-side, but it may well become possible to download them in the final version of Android N or in the next one. Let's see! AndroidPIT

Display of the percentage of the battery and its icon (I)

At most brands that have a modified interface in their mobile (s), it is already enabled to display the percentage of the battery in the icon of the status bar and time, but it took a while to land under Android. What is the reason? It should be known that developing a feature for the pure version of Android rclame much more tests when it comes to a brand since it will be able to work with all mobile devices, and not a certain restricted park; as is the case with brands. If you do not want an icon, also note that it is possible to disable it from these same options.

android n date release new features 01
By clicking on the 'Battery' option of the last image, there are 3 display options: 'always display the percentage', 'display the percentage when the device is charging' or 'do not show this icon anymore' . It's almost the same for now, where it's possible to add the seconds or make it disappear completely. AndroidPIT

Greater accuracy of time by adding seconds (I)

Installed in the experimental menu ddi the status bar, an option allows you to add the seconds display in the status bar. Apparently, it does not seem like it consumes more battery, less to count the little animation that must renew the number (s) every second that passes. Anyway, it is a nice option that will want to improve its punctuality for an appointment or just going to work.

Calibration of the display (I)

Digging deeper into 'System UI Tuner', there is a 'Calibrate Display' menu that follows 'Night Mode'. From this one, it is then possible to change the color variant to fit your desires.

android n date release new features screen calibration images 00
The calibration is not visible on screenshots, but it is effective in reality. AndroidPIT

Export content from one window to another

In multi-window or split-screen mode, it is now possible to move content from one window to the other. However, be aware that the function is still limited and can only move text for now. As an example, it's possible to pick one or more words in Google Keep to make a long press on it, and then drag it to the Google Play search input field. Simple and practical!

Now, I'm looking forward to seeing this feature evolve to diversify all types of uses, but that depends on the developers. Today, Google offers the function. It is now up to the developers to adapt it or not, in addition to others that allow to extend their presence as a thumbnail in the status bar.

Configuration of several languages ​​simultaneously

With Android N, the menu dedicated to language management has truly gained in intelligence. Until now, the user was forced to go through a sub-menu to change the tab. This is still the case, except that it is now possible to add multiple languages ​​a list, which is more configurable wish. Indeed, just press the two horizontal lines of a language to realize that it can be moved.

To access it, the path has not changed. Simply :

  • fold the tally bar completely with your two fingers, then
  • click on the mechanical wheel that opens the system parameters.
  • From there, look for a menu called 'Language and input' and enter it.
hidden functions android n several languages ​​images 01
Android N now makes it easy to return another language, without requiring the user to return to the configuration window, but simply by clicking on a previously used language. Finally, if you have not erased it. AndroidPIT

Quick access to emergency information

Those who discover the new and significant additions to an update are usually the most experienced users, and that makes sense since they are the ones who know the most. With the new version of Android N, it is important to know that it is now possible to enter emergency information that will be available to everyone in the event of an accident. When switching on the mobile, simply do as if you want to unlock it. Except that you will not enter the unlock code or scheme, but click on 'Emergencies' and then 'Emergency Information'. From there, the menu where all the emergency information is located opens to inform the rescuer.

hidden functions android n emergency information images 01
From the locked screen, it is now possible to display the emergency information. The option to modify this information is displayed, but excludes entering the code, schma or otherwise to change them. AndroidPIT

evolution of the 'Do not drown' feature

the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop, a large number of users had literally shouted scandal by seeing that the last option 'Do not mess' that had been integrated simply did not offer silent mode. Several numbers after, the function has greatly evolved, in addition to bringing back a true silent mode. Among the latest arrivals, 'Automatic Rules' is one of them. In the way of profiles, the menu allows you to configure automatic rules that are able to tell your mobile not to mess around during this or that period. Most useful, Google gives ideas to introduce the function with 'Weekend' and 'Event', among others.

To access it, you must:

  • pull the two-finger state bar to completely unfold it, then
  • click the mechanical wheel to access the system parameters.
  • From there, search and enter the menu 'Sound', where you go
  • look for a submenu called 'Do not mess'. inside of it,
  • you will find the menu 'Automatic rules'.
hidden functions android n do not disturb automatic rules images 01
In pictures, it's always more talkative. AndroidPIT

We arrive at the end of the secret functions of Android N. Anyway, know that the article is not finished, since it will be able to evolve over the updates of Android N with the deletion, the modification and / or integration of other secret functions. Do you have others to suggest? Comments are l for a.

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