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Helix Jump1.0.6

With its simple gameplay, Helix Jump is a game that would have everything to please but its pop ads spoil the party. However, there is still good entertainment and a good challenge for reflexes and liveliness.

The game’s rules

Helix JumpHelix Jump is a game available on Android and iOS in which the player must advance a bouncing ball that falls from platform to platform while avoiding the most colorful areas. With a swipe of the finger, the player can rotate the platforms to pass the ball. The progression of the current level is symbolized by a bar which is colored progressively.

A good challenge for reflexes

The higher the level, the higher the number of platforms as well as their complexity and their movements. The passage of levels makes it possible to gain new decorations and new balls.

Suffice to say, this game puts reflexes and patience to the test as the levels gain in difficulty and because of too many advertisements. Between two levels, for a second chance or in the event of a failure, the game sends us a trailer or advertisement every minute.

In a word as in a hundred, this can be prohibitive, except with a passage through the wallet! In addition, questionable permissions are requested from the user, beware!