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Heat wave: Your iPhones and iPads need a break!

The iPhone and iPad should only be used when the temperature is between 0 and 35C, and Apple also recommends storing them in environments where the temperature is between -20 and 45C.

During these hot days, your iPhone or iPad may need a break to try to regulate its temperature, as soon as a warning message appears: The iPhone (iPad) needs to cool down before it can be reuse.

Apple has updated its technical sheet and explains the effects your device might have: the device no longer charges, the display fades, the cellular signal is weak, the GPS turns off, and on the iPhone 4, the flash no longer works.

You are warned, no fear if one of these consequences of the “heat stroke” should happen, but in any case, still avoid heating your device unnecessarily such as leaving your iPhone in your parked car or leave it exposed for a long period in full sun.

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