He keeps his AirPods in his pierced ears

He keeps his AirPods in his pierced ears

He keeps his AirPods in his pierced ears – iPhone Soft

airpods apple iphone ipadSeveral tests published online have already shown that the Apple AirPods were pretty good in the ears without superfluous additional artifice. We did not notice any problems during our test elsewhere.

However, the American Andrew Cornett decided to take a radical step to be sure not to lose his wireless headset, with a hole in each of its lobes to accommodate the tail of the headphones.

airpods ears falls

You are granted, it's completely crazy as an idea, but it obviously buzzed online. The young man has generated 4,000 interactions on Twitter with this simple photo … more than the number of followers.

And some will surely find it less ugly than the earrings that made the news this fall.

earring airpods

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