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He already imagines the design of the future Mac Pro 2020

He already imagines the design of the future Mac Pro 2020

Just a few days ago, Apple unveiled its new Mac Pro during its WWDC introductory keynote. A new edition of his computer intended for professionals which has made many people react. Beyond its fairly substantial price, it is above all its design that is intriguing.

Indeed, the presentation video of the Mac Pro 2019 has been much talked about on social networks. Most have found a glaring resemblance to a cheese rpe. It was enough for internet users to have fun with the images on the new Apple computer.

Beyond this aspect, the new design of the Mac Pro has already inspired some designers. While it is not even marketed yet, the German designer Hasan Kaymak tried to imagine what the next model of the Mac Pro might look like.

In his vision, the Mac Pro 2020 would be entirely black, unlike the 2019 edition which is rather silver. Exit the cheese rpe and place parallel bars. The result is just as sober as the latest Mac Pro. A vision in the pure tradition of Apple which could very well be present next year.