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Harry Potter Secret at Hogwarts 1.7.3

The atmosphere is there, the game is graphically beautiful and offers an engaging and well-scripted narrative adventure. However, the energy system that requires the player to wait very often and an overly narrative gameplay make the whole room for improvement. A bizarre impression emerges: Harry Potter Secret at Hogwarts is as boring as it is captivating!

Hogwarts atmosphere

Harry Potter Secret at HogwartsAvailable for free on Android but also on iOS, Harry Potter Secret at Hogwarts is a mainly narrative role-playing game which tells the story of a new recruit at Hogwarts in 1984, well before the adventure described by the films. Like a book, the game is made up of years which are also divided into chapters and lets the player learn more about their personal history, the School and its emblematic characters as well as the other members of their House.

All the references to the world of JK Rowling are taken up with brio, from the choice between the 4 Houses, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff or Slytherin, to staff and teachers from Dumbledore to Rogue via Hagrid and Mrs. Bibine. The atmosphere is also there with sound effects and 3D graphics that allow you to faithfully model the castle and many of its most famous places.

Advance in the scenario

The story is well put together and promises long hours of play between learning potions, spells and broom as well as interaction with the other members of his House. It will thus be possible to complete side quests alongside them, take courses and take part in duels against other members of the School with a game system close to shifumi.

A narrative, addictive but boring game …

Presented as a role play, Harry Potter Secret at Hogwarts is mostly narrative and faces several problems. Even if the game offers playable sequences during the different courses of potions or magic as well as during duels, the rest of the time consists in following dialogues, choosing answers not very crucial for the progress of the story and waiting …Harry Potter Secret at Hogwarts

Like many free games, Harry Potter Secret at Hogwarts uses an energy system that recharges on its own over time. Each point of energy thus makes it possible to advance the story or learn new spells via an interaction with the environment. But once the energy is exhausted, the story stops and you have to come back later to continue or put your hand in the pocket.

However, the game offers up to 6 years when writing these lines, an adventure faithful to its original universe, addictive and which therefore promises several hours of play despite an energy system that can be greatly improved.