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Half-Life: release on Mac OS

half life mac - Half-Life : sortie sur Mac OS

half life mac - Half-Life : sortie sur Mac OS


Posted: January 27 2013
Updated: January 27, 2013

by Martin

The famous Steam video game platform now offers the legendary Half-Life 1 game in its virtual store for our pleasure! Indeed, unlike Half-Life 2, the first version dating from 1998 had never been released on the Apple operating system.

This excellent FPS from the editor Valve, named “Game of the year” by more than 50 magazines, combines action and adventure using award-winning technology and creates a world of scary realism (for the time ^^). It also includes a multiplayer mode that allows friends and enemies from around the world to compete in hard games.

half life mac - Half-Life: release on Mac OS

Steam has not made any official announcement regarding this version, no Mac version. Just buy the Steam version which is now available for both OSes. Half-Life 1 is available for € 9.99.