Half Life 3 cit in a list of Steam games

Half Life 3 cit in a list of Steam games

It is one of the most anticipated video game suites: Half Life 3 has not yet been confirmed by Valve, which maintains the mystery around the title. But a recent leak relaunched the rumor concerning the existence of the game and its development.

In a file retrieved from the Steam database, we can thus see the application numbered 366560 with "old known name" as Half Life 3. The file has not been modified since November 4 and would contain three files named Half Life 3 Developer Comp, Half Life 3 for Beta Testing and Half Life 3.

Half Life 3 - fan video

Should we then think that the third installment of one of the most cult series on PC is planned soon? Nothing is certain, since as a reminder, SteamDB evoked the arrival of Halo 3 on Steam in 2013 with information gleaned in a similar way, and yet the game was never ported to the Valve platform.

Half Life 3

Another thing to take into account: third-party developers can name their applications and projects as they wish, so it can be seen as a simple hoax. Finally, it can just as well be real data, but corresponding to an old project, abandoned for a long time …

As a reminder, the last episode of Half Life (Half Life 2: Episode 2) was released in 2007. Suffice to say that considering the expectations of the players and the time spent since, the pressure is colossal at Valve.