Hadopi wants to scare hackers in a new advertising campaign

A communication campaign has just started for Hadopi. In it, the French high authority decided to focus on illegal streaming by denigrating in particular the image quality of pirated films and by pointing out the dangers linked to computer viruses. This campaign is aimed in particular at consumers under the age of 24.

hadopi illegal advertising streaming campaign

With the spring and fall lockdowns, the French have consumed more content on the Internet. 83% of French people aged 15 and over consumed at least one cultural good in 2020. Movies (51%), music (50%) and TV series (46%) are the goods which met the most consumers at the start of the year. It is naturally the youngest age groups who over-consumed (especially during the first confinement): 74% of 15-24 year olds watched at least one streaming video in the spring.

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But this consumption is not always legal. According to a study carried out this year by Hadopi, the High Authority for the Dissemination of Works and the Protection of Rights on the Internet, a quarter of French people aged 15 to 24 regularly consumed content illegally in 2020. Of the 12 million French people who consume content illegally (for 1 billion euros lost in 2019 for the entertainment industries), 67% are aged 15 to 39. Hadopi therefore decided to organize a large advertising campaign targeting this population.

Denigrate illegal streaming

The campaign is divided into two parts. A first based on display. Five posters were produced. And the message you can read there focuses on the hackers’ bad experience when they illegally stream a movie. Poor quality film. Untimely advertising. And of course malware contamination. Hadopi therefore seeks to denigrate illegal offers to better support legal offers. The Authority also recalls on each poster that there is 450 legal offers in France.

The second part of the campaign is social. Three videographers and influencers on YouTube and Instagram will actively participate in conveying Hadopi’s message in favor of legal offers. They are Just Riadh, Lola Dubini and Anis Rhali. The overall cost of the campaign is estimated at 160,000 euros.