Hadopi tackles streaming - iPhone Soft

Hadopi tackles streaming – iPhone Soft

apple tv itv iconThe high anti-piracy authority, Hadopi, is not dead. The independent authority has announced in a statement, its intention to attack now also streaming and Direct Download, rather than targeting only the peer-to-peer. After the torrents, Hadopi also targets sites like Mega, PapyStreaming, etc.

In a statement, the Hadopi said he wanted to perform "a reliable census of both online public communication services massively offering copyrighted works to the public without the authorization of copyright owners and their practicesThen the idea is to tackle the ads and soto dry up the revenues of massively infringing websites or to make their activity more difficult".

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The millions of French Internet users using these illegal services should not be worried. Only the owners of the platforms.

FYI, according to the Association against piracy audiovisual, nearly a third of French Internet users (28.7%) consulted at least once a month an illegal site streaming last year, an increase of 15.8% compared to 2009.