Hadopi could have brought in 1 billion euros in 2020 if it was not completely exceeded

Since the start of the year, Hadopi represents a shortfall of 1 billion euros. Indeed, 12 million Internet users consumed pirated content in 2020 without being worried by the device. At issue: new hacking techniques that the system is currently unable to counter.


It is unfortunately no secret that Hadopi is revealed less efficient than what the authorities had hoped for when it was launched. In 2019, only 87,000 euros in fines had been sent, for an investment of 82 million euros. The finding does not improve, since 12 million French engaged in hacking that same year, according to consulting firm PMP. All audiovisual content consumed is equivalent to 1.03 billion euros, or 9% of the total market.

The most affected sectors are physical sale and sale of pay TV subscriptions, with respectively 310 million euros and 260 million euros that could have been won. At the same time, they are 320 million euros which have passed under the nose of public finances, due to non-payment of VAT, social and employer charges, corporate and income tax.

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Hadopi did not prevent the loss of 2,650 jobs

However, other figures are more encouraging. Of the 10 million warning letters, Hadopi, 70% of those affected did not reoffend. P2P downloads have also decreased significantly since 2009. Unfortunately, these results only concern this type of piracy, and the device is proving to be quite powerless in the face of the new techniques put in place.

In March 2020, we thus counted 13.6 million pirates in France, especially because of the confinement. Among the new methods, Internet users particularly appreciate IPTV, illegal streaming which weighs 2 billion euros and which continues to gain ground. These practices could result in the removal of 2650 positions among victim companies, “Already very weakened by the effects of the health crisis”, selon Denis Rapone, president of Hadopi.

The latter hopes that the government will rework its proposal to fight piracy. The audiovisual reform, delayed by the health crisis, could be an opportunity for the system to modernize and adapt to current techniques. Indeed, the text indicates in particular the desire to merge it with the CSA within Arcom, which will be more effective than Hadopi.