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Hackers use “Find My iPhone” to lock Macs


Posted: September 26 2017
Updated: September 26, 2017

by benjamin

Over the past few days, several users of Mac were denied access to their computers. Hackers were able to block the devices using iCloud and the function “Find my iPhone”. With the user name and password of an iCloud account, a third party can block access to a Mac via “Find my iPhone”. Even if thetwo-factor authentication is activated…

Two-factor authentication is an additional security option available on Apple’s cloud service. To access an account, the user does not only enter his email address and password, since he must also type a code to validate the connection. To circumvent this security, hackers use “Find my iPhone”Which does not require this validation.

We can thus find on the site MacRumors testimonies of victims of this hacking. When using their Macs, they saw a screen asking for an access code. Of course, the unhappy owners did not know him. In addition, the following message was displayed: ” Pay me 0.01 bitcoin ($ 50) at this address and I will send the code to your email address to unlock your device

In this kind of situation, it is of course recommended to pay nothing and go directly to Apple. It is then necessary to confirm with a voucher that you are the owner of the Mac, and the employees of the brand will do the necessary.