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Hackers Steal Prototype iPhones To Better Hack Yours

Hackers definitely have no limits. In a recent survey, Motherboard reveals the existence of a black market in which we would sell prototypes ofiPhone. The purpose of the maneuver? Access phones « Dev-fused Devices “, Without the security found in smartphones” Prod-fused Devices “, Which are marketed. In other words, obtaining prototypes allows you to better understand the functioning of an iPhone and thus find the potential flaws of those who, today, are flooding the market.

iphone dev fused - Hackers steal iPhone prototypes to better hack yours

Hackers obtaining these prototypes can thus access the operating system ofApple and study it from every angle. However, not all “Dev-fused” devices have the same level of security. So according to the latter, prices vary: the price for obtaining a prototype can range from 1,300 euros (for an iPhone 6 with a “maximum” level of security) to 20,000 euros (for an iPhone XS without security). A special cable is also required for pirates to start them and thus rummage inside.

Hackers who manage to get this type of iPhone will steal them directly from assembly factories. In China, for example, thanks to the company’s most crooked employees Foxxconn. The investigation reports that many prototypes of iPhone XS are already on sale, proof of the large market uncovered.